“How I Spent The Last 24 Years Building Multiple 6, 7, and now 8-Figure Businesses In Every Possible Niche There Is. In This Coaching Program I Personally Will Walk You Through What I Did Every Step Of The Way, How You Can Do It Too, All While Sustaining Momentum That Delivers Predictable Profits Every Single Day- AND Will Continue To Grow For Years To Come!”

The VIP Inner Circle Mastermind is the #1 Most Sought after high level mastermind for business owners who want to make a lot of money AND create a life they can be proud of!

Dear coaches, ‘gurus and experts’ , home business builders, entrepreneurs, direct sales professionals, ministry workers and anyone else who wants MASSIVE exposure online with the new “social media marketing” world-

I’ve been coaching for over 15 years. One on one coaching has always been the “doorway” to a successful business.  I launched my first BIG coaching program in 2010 that sold out in 24 hours and wrote more than $450,000 into my bank account that I began to really understand WHAT it takes to not only run a successful, but to also help others. I also built several multi-million dollar info product businesses, 5 eCommerce stores, 3 marketing and copywriting firms, and just a few other small businesses on the side.

With my current company, I was able to take this business to 7-figures in under 6 months. This has since grown into a multi-million dollar empire with more than 2 MILLION clients.

I will be working with a very elite group of professionals who are ready to take their business to the next level. This WILL BE the highest level of access to me (and my team) and is where the people who are making things happen will hang out.

What if you could meet with me every month and discuss, as a group, the common challenges that businesses are experiencing and HOW to fix them? Many times, finding a solution is easier than you think. But it can get grueling if you are trying to find it alone. Masterminds are proven to help exclusive groups of people to move forward faster than most methods for this generation. Because of the internet, we can now meet together easily, and it doesn’t matter where you’re located or what your time zone is.

Let me show you how to STOP selling your time and energy while building a hugely successful business program. I also want to teach you how to build information products, coaching programs, large social media platforms and email client bases that make money while you SLEEP and enjoy your life!

“Wealth Increases Your POWER to Make the World A Better Place!”

Money is a necessary part of our lives. Everyone understands that in our economic culture we need money to take care of our basic needs. When you have less money, fewer choices are available to you but when you have MORE money, you can do pretty much anything you want to. You can also HELP more people!

This VIP Mastermind will hit on areas of wealth-creation that so many others leave out. Such as, staying true to your spiritual purpose and knowing how to live a powerful life with more money AND more time.

This program will sell out fast and we must limit it to the first 250 people, so that our students can get the BEST results in their business.


  • Review your website

  • Creating a “Social Media Money” map

  • Re-write sales copy to increase conversion and create new opt-ins

  • Write advertisements for your PPC ads- Facebook, Google, Instagram and Remarketing ads on FB and Google

  • Create list-building strategy

  • Map out marketing campaign

  • Learn to write sales copy that ‘hypnotically’ creates conversion quicker

  • Brand your company

  • Build your engagement map for the highest conversions

  • Create your USP

  • Build a video marketing calendar

  • Roll out PR and marketing strategy that PROPEL you fast

BONUS CONTENT FOR VIP Inner Circle Members:

Over 70+ Full-Length Classes That Sandi Has Created on Every Topic of Marketing, Copywriting, Advertising, and Creating Sales Online at Your Fingertips, with INSTANT ACCESS!

This full training vault has never been offered before in one place:

  • Fort Knox Headlines Swipe File
  • Culture Virtual Summit
  • Writing as a Career Class – Recordings
  • Social Media Business Bootcamp
  • Facebook Ads Templates
  • Facebook Ads Remarketing Templates
  • PPC 1
  • PPC 2
  • Facebook Ads Made Easy
  • WordPress 1
  • WordPress 2
  • Turn your hobby into money
  • Divine Call of God
  • Total Online Blueprint Recordings
  • Spiritual Keys to Bigger Profits
  • Mentoring with the Masters
  • Email Writing Expertise Class
  • Web Copy Coaching
  • Social Media GPS Recordings LIVE (Orlando)
  • Social Media GPS Recordings Webinar (TV Studio)
  • Social Media Cash Conversion
  • ARC Speakers Academy
  • Read Thier Mind Book
  • How to Produce Your Own TV Show Mentorship
  • NEW! How to Make Money with Facebook Live
  • NEW! Facebook Ads 3.0
  • How To Map Out Your Best Life and Career For 2017
  • Network Marketing & Direct Sales for Facebook Pages
  • Social Media Masters
  • 12 Weeks Your Store
  • Become a Social Media Manager 2016
  • Become a Social Media Manager 2014
  • Coaching Your Way 2.0
  • Coaching Your Way 1.0 (2013)

  • March 2016 Inner Circle Live Event Recording!
  • Sandi’s Money Vault Access!
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Magnetic Engagement
  • Info Publishing Made Simple
  • SOHO
  • Opt-In Offer Cash
  • Blueprint for Sales Pages
  • Faith at Work
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Affiliate Profits
  • Simple Product Release Strategy
  • Twitter for Business
  • The Author’s Art
  • 20-Hour Copywriting Mastermind
  • Culture – Your Ultimate ROI 
  • Autoresponder Magic
  • Certified VA Program
  • Social Media The Fun Way
  • Marketing & Mindset
  • Newsletter Clinic
  • Virtual Business Clinic
  • List Building Class
  • 30 Days with Sandi Email Class
  • 5 Steps To Getting Unstuck In Business: Understanding What Is Holding You Back
  • 3 Keys Every Successful Business Must Have
  • Behind The Scenes Of A Thriving Business
  • Flipping The Switch To Real Profits
  • How To Build A Six Figure Business With Social Media
  • How To Create A GPS For Your Business
  • Mastering Low Hanging Fruit and Bigger Profits
  • Trust & Faith For Greater Success Success In Business
  • Two Critical Keys To Accelerate Your Business At Breakneck Speed



Are you ready for business mastery to be your new normal?

From October 2- December 18, 2018 we’ll be meeting in a private Facebook group, meeting virtually every week for 12 weeks in a Zoom Business Video Meeting Room and also doing multiple virtual activation sessions, complete with activation sheets, homework and more with Sandi Krakowski and Peter Yobo.

It’s the best support and strategy system available online today.

But that’s NOT all. We’re also throwing in, so you are equipped, ready and empowered to profit, all of Sandi’s 60+ classes on every topic from copywriting, to marketing, to business management, to videos, to the legal side of a business and everything in between!

You don’t just get streaming access to these, you’ll OWN THEM. For the life of your business.

What if you could meet with me every month and discuss the common challenges that business are experiencing and HOW to fix them?

Many times, finding a solution is easier than you think. But it can get grueling if you are trying to find it alone.

Masterminds are proven to help elite groups of people to move forward faster than most methods.

Because of the internet, we can now meet simply & easily, and it doesn’t matter where you are located or what your time zone is.

This EXCLUSIVE 12 week program –

Date:  October 2 – December 18, 2018
Location: Your office connected virtually with Zoom business meetings

VIP Inner Circle Includes:

  • Weekly one hour video trainings on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm CST/ 3pm EST
  • Weekly activation sheets given to students on Thursday morning to keep you accountable
  • Accountability partners chosen within the group to help each other stay on track
  • Weekly check-ins to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program with activation sheets
  • Open Q&A sessions with Sandi and Peter to get your questions answered
  • HD recordings of all sessions to add to your learning library

SOLD OUT- This course is now closed for registration 



I can’t wait to work with you and I’m praying
and believing for your best life!