A New Economy Online: Content Marketing & Customer Relationships

A New Economy Online: Content Marketing & Customer Relationships
By: Sandi Krakowski
“Just build a huge list of followers on Facebook and you’ll be all set!”

“Get as many followers as you can on Twitter and you’ll be rich!”

“Build rapport with as many people as possible and then sell to them anything you want!”

Have you heard some of these statements from some of the ‘over-night’ wonders out there? You know, the guru who started 7 months ago, made a million dollars and now talks about all the millionaires and billionaires they are meeting with daily?

Makes me upset… that "Momma Bear" thing in me rises.

First of all, anyone who made a million dollars super fast and has never done it before is most likely going to burn through it faster than oil on fire and won’t last. If they were wise enough to get a mentor they’d be working on how to turn that into $10 million dollars quickly. If they truly were meeting with Billionaires and millionaires on a daily basis they wouldn’t spend so much time talking about them without ever mentioning any names. Ok I’ll stop.

This New Economy online has grown so fast and in so many directions that it can be difficult at times to know who really is successful and who is just a professional actor.

I can always tell by the questions they ask and the things they give as their ‘answers for all’.

This New Economy is much more than getting a person to opt in. It is a culture of value, more than ever before, but it’s also a culture of skepticism, distrust and caution. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, people's BS Meters are higher than they ever were before. Thank GOD!
The New Economy online does allow you to build an entire business inside WordPress, without a ton of staff members and expenses. It does give you an ability to be profitable in ways we never dreamed were possible. It does make it easier than ever to succeed without a $ 20k monthly PPC budget and hundreds of thousands in expenses. But never forget good old-fashioned business sense when building your business.
  • Tracking
  • Testing
  • Reading data
  • Growing to the next level
Never forget that customer service, really caring, doing the work and increasing inside as well as outside…… These are key components to a successful business online.  
I recently saw a "Content Marketing" expert that I have a lot of respect for say, "Email is really the way to sell, social media is just for distribution".
So I spied on him.
Sure enough, 112,000 people following on Twitter. However, on his Facebook Business Page? 14,000 with less than 218 talking about it. That's a sign of no relationship. That is DEFINITELY a sign of content distribution and very little engagement.  
One of the biggest things we've taught is this=

Use social media + email + a blog = MASSIVE results, great relationships and a long term focus.
Build it STRONG! Build it long…. that's a REAL change if I do say so myself. Today… buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads is not the only way to become a huge success online.  Create a video- engage with clients on social media- write emails that show you care, which means… don't sell me something every time you write! Apologize when you make a mistake, learn when you are growing and build it strong…. build it with a long term focus.  
A NEW Economy Online: Content Marketing & Customer Relationships. Spend more time and money on these things than you do anything else and you will be hugely successful!  
P.S. Here's some data, stats and other fun stuff to show we can help you get there- 

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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