2013 Is The Year Of Mobile & Online TV- Let me teach you how to create your own 6-Figure TV Show!

Have you ever seen those annoying 14 second commercials on YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and other online sites?  Yeah me too… and they drive me crazy! Make me want to fast forward, get it out of my way.. what on earth is that commercial doing there?
Well, as a marketer of your own business let's put on our thinking caps here for a minute. $1.8 BILLION dollars spent on commercials and online advertisements can't be wrong! That is what just SOME of what the online giants are spending on these marketing channels.
The online video commercial industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry!
At our recent event where Gary Vaynerchuk was the featured speaker, "The Social Media Smartphone GPS Summit" we discussed indepth how the mobile culture of 2013 will be faster and grow at a pace like nothing anyone has ever seen.
Let me give you a BIG secret you don't want to miss… online TV is where it's at! Since April of this year our company, A Real Change International, Inc has created a 7-figure income from just our ARealChange.TV show alone!
Now we're ready to show you how you can tap into this fast growing market yourself!
Introducing the very first ever "How To Create Your Own Cash-Producing Online TV Show" mentorship program! We're already 50% sold out and it's only been open for 2 days!
Just some of what I'll be teaching in this Exclusive Mentorship Program-
  • When to present your first sale- when to WAIT!
  • Where in the episode to give your first call to action without even selling
  • Why specific words cause a sale without ever mentioning it; why other words cause people to walk away
  • Are there 'trigger' words to use? When and how do you use them
  • How to use surveys for creating TV
  • Tracking your way to big profits and how to read analytics
  • Copywriting that sells for online TV!
  • What to write across the screen during an episode and what to absolutely AVOID!
  • Is there one platform that is best to use over others?
  • How do you actually make MONEY with an online TV show?  
  • Is it wise to do ad space on your show?  
  • Would doing interviews every week all year be enough for a show
  • Can I do an online TV Show for a network marketing product?  
  • How does an author do TV if they only have one book
  • How on earth do you do content for an entire year without losing your mind?!

Come behind the screen with our in house video expert, Jeremy Krakowski and myself as we create episodes, show you how to shoot the video, what equipment to use and how to NEVER turn into a slimey sales machine, but learn to serve and create a TV show people love watching, week after week!

Jeremy has you covered with- 
  • What equipment to use
  • What lighting kit to have
  • When to use MORE than just one lighting kit
  • How to tilt your camera
  • Where the eyes of the subject should be
  • When to look up, where to look down
  • Why your window is NOT the best lighting for an Online TV Show
  • What camera to use How to shoot film in a noisy background 
  • When to use editing, when to keep it in raw format
  • Why makeup matters and how to use it properly (even for men!)
  • Colors, colors and more colors… how to dress for the greatest success
  • Your background is destroying your sales- what to put in the background for quick conversion
  • Why some rooms are great and others are a guaranteed failure for online TV

TV is suitable for EVERY business and we will show you how to not only create regular online TV episodes, but how to do this in less than 1 hour per week!

NOTE: Private hot-video recordings from our Social Media Smartphone GPS Event In Florida that have never before released below are a part of this EXCLUSIVE program – watch as I teach Facebook Ads in a way that NO ONE has ever seen before! 


Are you ready? We're already 1/2 sold out! Grab a seat now!
Class starts in January 2013! We can't wait to work with you!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski