3 Ways To Increase Traffic, Build A Bigger List & Make More Money With A Blog – Why your blog needs to get personal 

By: Sandi Krakowski

The internet has changed SO MUCH since I first began my first business. When our 4.5 million dollar kitchenware business was built in the 90's we didn't have blogs, videos OR social media. Makes one wonder how on earth we were able to grow such a big company so fast, doesn't it!? With all the amazing ways we can connect online today with Twitter, Facebook, InstaGram, Pinterest, WordPress, Email and more, how on EARTH were we so successful?

The personal aspect of business and getting personal with our clients is a key we've used successfully now for 15 years online, in 11 respective businesses. From writing about kitchenware to managing multiple eCommerce businesses to writing sales copy, managing content media for large corporations, developing PPC campaigns and more, the PERSONAL touch was always our selling feature.

Let me share with you 3 ways you can increase traffic to your blog TODAY, build a bigger list (because your opt in ratios will go through the roof!) and make more money with a blog THIS month!

#1- People are looking for someone to relate to– One of the BIGGEST keys to successfully building a business is to connect with your audience and let them connect with you.  GONE are the days of the 'Distant Guru'. The culture we are marketing to in 2012 loves to connect with others.  "Don't talk to strangers" is so old school that if you are NOT talking to strangers online daily through social media you are definitely going bankrupt as a business owner.  Equally, if you're not connecting daily with clients and customers you're losing business to your competitors.

It's not hard- try this challenge for one week and see if it doesn't increase your engagement: Check in every hour from 8 am- 8 pm for 5 minutes.  Answer people's questions.  Give encouragement. Direct them to solutions. Offer answers to their problems. During one 12 hour day if you check in LIVE on your social media and blogging platforms for just 5 minutes, it will take you only 1 hour to accomplish. This one hour will revolutionize your results! (and if you don't have an hour per day, quit now!)

Victoria Gazeley is a Ruby coaching student of ours who is a featured writer at Mother Earth News. But listen, she wasn't always that famous! When she first started out 15 months ago she had a blog, a big heart and a dream to impact the homesteading community. She had a few blog posts and no traffic. When she started getting PERSONAL with people, sharing her journey of creating her own homestead as a single Mom and also sharing how she runs an amazing online Web Design company from her sattelite connection (living in the middle of no where!) things began to pick up! Within 90 days Mother Earth News asked her to begin writing for them and last month she started remodeling her house, a BIG dream with a BIG budget she can now pay cash for! WOOHOO!!  See Victoria here…  and check out her amazing homestead renovation on her Facebook page!

#2- A personal connection is the driving force behind social media, blogging and a rapidly DOMINATING smartphone mobile market!  Facebook reports more than 543 MILLION MOBILE USERS and it's critical for you, as a blogger and business owner, to understand that reading on a mobile device is MUCH more personal than reading a white paper, ebook or any other piece of information online.

Today's audience not only wants someone they can relate to, they want to engage with people all over the world, which includes businesses! Mobile users are throwing away their laptops daily and jumping online repeatedly throughout the day on their mobile device. 

By building a personal connection with your audience through social media, blogging and your message you will PUSH FORWARD the results you can create. People will refer others to you, come back daily (sometimes hourly!) to check in with you! Still wondering if you can make A Real Change with your blog? Just read some of these comments that came in on our Facebook page.

We live in an amazing generation filled with AMAZING people we have the honor to serve!

#3-Getting personal sets you apart– you won't be product focused all day long and people won't get bored. Nothing worse than reading a blog, Facebook page or Twitter feed that is a ONE NOTE NIGHTMARE… you know, we've all seen them. All the writers talk about all day long is their product.  Can you imagine a television commercial being like that?  Now that television commercials are losing steam take a BIG CLUE from the incredibly powerful 17-24 SECOND commercials we see on channels like YouTube and more.  Bring REAL LIFE to the forefront, mention your product about 10-20% in the message.  In a 24 second commercial the product is mention in the last 2-3 seconds. CLUE!

Listen, people will pay attention to what you're selling if you pay attention to who they are, the lives they are living and you truly care!  Getting personal with your client and connecting with them on a daily basis will do MORE for your business than even a $10,000 advertising campaign that leaves connection out!

What am amazing world we live in!  

We are so blessed to live in this generation where people are connecting all over the world. To increase traffic, build a bigger list and make more money with your blog- get personal! You'll have the time of your life and mark my words, YOUR business will be blessed!

I'm personally interested in YOU– please come to my Facebook Page right now and tell me where you are from and one thing you absolutely LOVE about this social media smartphone mobile culture we live in! I can't wait to see you!  I WILL read every post! 

I love you guys,

Sandi Krakowski