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A New Age Of Marketing

1,292,799 Saw This Post, 85,344 Likes

What if only 10% of these results were seen in your company?

What if your church had 10% of these results?

Do you have a message that the world needs to hear? Then keep reading.

How on EARTH does someone get 1,292,799 people to see a post and then have 85,344 like it? Facebook Ads. That's how.  We are in a NEW AGE of Marketing and it's time that every company, university, ministry and anyone doing any sort of 'getting the word' out pay attention closely.

Many will be asking the BIG question: HOW does this translate to sales? If 85,344 people LIKE something on Facebook it will show to those who are also their friends. This means that the demographic and psychographics most marketers can only PRAY to find is being done automatically with Facebook APIs working in your favor. But it gets better. It also means that if someone LIKES what is on your page, they are more likely to STAY on your page. Another dream and a goal come true. Serve people well and they'll choose to do business with you. Business 101 at it's finest.

People are on social media. If you want to reach the people who need your message YOU must be on social media. But it can't be done the way we've always done it. We must speak their language, go where they are and have relationship.

Direct mail didn't have a relationship.

TV ads didn't require relationship!

Gone are the days of the Internet Guru Pitch fest and enter in the day of truly serving.

For those who think it must take deep pockets and climbing your way to the higher levels of marketing where 7 & 8 figure advertising exists? Think again! This particular ad, done through a Promoted Post, cost me $2000 to achieve. If a business owner were to spend just 10% of that, $200, they could see some ridiculous results.

Do you remember when the television commercials hurled messages on our screens day in and day out in the age of the television campaign that dominated society.

Remember when the Billboards were posted every single 1/8th of a mile (or closer) and influenced how we think, make decisions and in turn purchase.

The inserts inside of newsletters were in front of us for many generations…. and my friends, we must now think OUTSIDE of our box and realize, the NEW AGE of marketing is upon us.

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There's going to come a day when there is no time to catch up. He who snoozes will lose.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski