I remember when I first began to realize that I could no longer live where I was. The culture around me was small minded and religious. Not only did people not build big multi-million dollar businesses in the area I was living, they didn’t believe in the supernatural, weren’t free thinkers and were super suspicious of anyone who was.

My business was thriving online. My life was growing in a lot of ways. But I felt caged. There was a constant battle. A CONSTANT battle and I didn’t even put 2 + 2 together. It was more than just something in me, it was something very big around me.

Some of you need to relocate this new year. It’s gonna be hard, you may even get some kick back. Ok, you might get a LOT of kick back, misunderstandings and even out right opposition! But do it anyway.

There is no perfect city, neighborhood, club or group of people, but there are mindsets, spirits and even, cultural and spiritual things that will influence and play a big part in your life as you seek to succeed in business and in life. I had not realized how much this influenced my own life until I moved.

Finding a place where GOD had called, was very important to me.

In 2013 I had a visitation from God in The Raphael Hotel. It would forever change my life. Now listen, these things don’t happen to me all the time. No, we’re talking like 2-3 times in my entire life. But on this occasion it was so profound and so real for 4.5 hours, there’s no way it wasn’t God. I saw the city, under the city, supernatural happenings and where it was going. I was seeing into the future and would later read about it on CNN, Fox News and more. At the time it meant absolutely nothing to me, I couldn’t put it together what my role was in all of it, but it was SO profound I knew I couldn’t stay where I was. 

My tent pegs have always been loose but tight.

I have no problem making a home and getting settled but if God wants to shift and move me, I’m ready to go. It’s a wonderful way to live and it’s truly worth pursuing. When I began to realize I had to leave ‘small town, religion, oppression and tradition’, I MOVED. In 12 months. Sold the house, moved our employees, relocated. BAM. 

Some of you need a new neighborhood, not a new state.

I relocated across the country. By the way, (because this happens all the time!)  if you were to move where I am just because I did it, you’re gonna walk right into constant struggle! Copying someone else’s move of God is silly. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they felt they were supposed to move here because I did and when they got here, they were met with total opposition and struggle. Following people will do that. Following God brings freedom. Hear from Him yourself for real direction.

Some of you just need an upgrade in where you’re living.

You’re trying to build a multi-million dollar business and you’re living around people who have a median income of $28,000 per year. We wanna love those people, but their mindsets are going to drive you bonkers when you start making $300,000 per year. I don’t like extremes and I don’t EVER group people together into boxes. So when I say, “People who” I am not boxing people. There are people who are thriving on less. There are people who are toxic on more. But if you are trying to become BIGGER you have to get around people who are doing the same.

This doesn’t mean you fake wealth or success and try to play a role.

It means you work hard to have people around you who are going farther than you are. If YOU are the biggest thing on the block or in the room, that’s dangerous. It also reveals a big problem. But if you constantly have people around you who are bigger than you are and you are also pouring into people who need and want more, that’s a thriving life.

Some of you need new friends.

You need to find a new coffee shop to hang out at. You need new clients, the ones you have suck the daylights out of you. Some of you are still charging what you did in 1999 and your skillset has tripled since then. Some of you are terrified of disappointing your customers, but you KNOW God has called you to shift and move into something new.

Being adaptable and being content doesn’t mean you stay small so someone else isn’t threatened, inconvenienced or intimidated. Do you need to relocate? Maybe you just need to change the furniture in your house, for goodness sakes! You’re still using the stuff from 1971 and you’re TRYING to improve your life! Go to WayFair or something like that and do a minor upgrade to make your surroundings feel better and more open for growth. 🙂

RELOCATION. NEW. You can’t grow a big tree in a small pot and you’ll never be able to grow a big life in small minded surroundings.

Love you! Mean it. 

Sandi Krakowski