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Why You Don’t Want To Be On The First Page Of Google

Why You Don't Want To Be On The First Page Of Google    When you build a business online the most important thing you should be doing every single day is building your list. Your house list influences the value of your company and it gives you the power to grow on command. Without a list you’re pretty much guessing as you go.  Serious business owners build their list, have a marketing strategy they follow and create products to increase their profits in a passive way. So it would seem obvious that you should also have a goal to end up on the first page of Google, right? Not necessarily. Years ago when people paid for PPC ads as the foremost way of marketing online this might have been a great target- get a [...]

How To Do ONE Thing In Your Business That Will Be A Hidden Goldmine In 2019! You’ll be shocked how easy this is.

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Do you need more customers and clients in your small business?

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How To Create A Sales Page That Closes Sales While You Sleep!

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