A big announcement from A Real Change Int'l and Sandi Krakowski! This is for you!

Big announcement!!

How's your day going? I'm sipping my water with lemon and gobbling down my protein pancakes before I hit the floor running and wanted to get this out to you. This is a very special day because I'm about to reveal to you something we've actually talked about since the beginning of the year!

Have you ever wished things were different? You know,  you're just frustrated and know it's time for a change? If it's time for you to get SERIOUS about running your own business, I'm serious about being with you every month as a coach and mentor. 

For the last 16 months we've had the honor to serve more than 150,000 loyal subscribers to our newsletter. Well today, we have a very special surprise for you, our readers!

We now offer one more way for us to connect and here's the fun part… for me to come to your home every single month and give you personal coaching and strategy sessions.

We are serious about your goals, they are what propel us forward. Are you ready to create A Real Change in your life? I'm ready to go to work!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

PS… Feel free to pass this video around to anyone you know of that would benefit from this announcement.

We are very serious about impacting business owners in anyway we can! Home business professionals to CEO's who read my upcoming column in American Express Open Forum, you are our focus each and everyday!