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We Act On What We Believe, Not On What We Know

  I am always amazed when someone asks me for advise, counseling, prayer, what have you- and they tell me the dilemma, the trial, the situation and when I give them what I believe God teaches – they more times than not will say- I know.. I know. The problem you see is not what we know, it’s what we believe. What we believe dictates what we do. And our actions are led, motivated, governed by what we believe. So what you know in plain terms doesn’t mean anything, it’s what you believe about what you know, or maybe, about what you don’t know, that is creating the life you now live. Example: Let’s say you believe that if you do certain activities in a business over and over again you will eventually get [...]

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ONE PERSON Should Be The Focus of All Marketing, Advertising, Branding & Copywriting

In the digital world, the internet and instant communication it is VERY important to understand where your MAIN FOCUS should be in all of your marketing, advertising, branding and copywriting.  This ONE FOCUS should reach and influence the most people who can and will respond. Do you know what this focus should be? Should you FOCUS on all the ways that your product or service solve a big problem? Many amateur marketers, advertisers, branding so-called specialists and copywriters tend to take a direction that leaves far too many profits on the table.  It's the focus of themselves. Recently I was editing a sales letter that someone had me review, hoping to 'tweak' it for better results. The headline read:  I Have Investors Waiting To Give You Money For Your Foreclosing Home- Call Me NOW! [...]

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Your Guarantee Is About More Than Money

  Your Guarantee Is About More Than MoneyBy Sandi KrakowskiThe first time. It's a full gamut of emotions. You might judge yourself, check your copy, feel like you've failed or worse yet, be mad. Furious! You might even want to challenge the situation!  What am I talking about? The first time someone asks for their money back.If the first place you look is your bottom line, I'm going to challenge that perspective today.Reading through the archives of our newsletters it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that we're serious about our customers and passionate about what we do. A casual reading of our mission statement shows that our focus is always our customer. Delivering the best service, at the best prices, with the best guarantee. It's a business plan with a long term focus and it's [...]

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5 Headline Templates to Make More Sales Today

I'm excited to introduce my readers to a new friend of mine, Ray Edwards. I've admired Ray's work for many years. He has a unique ability to teach copywriting that makes it simple and easy to execute. We're going to have him lead our Inner Circle Mastermind in August. Today, Ray is talking about headlines. Grab a pen and paper and take good notes! This one lesson can increase traffic to your website, close more sales by email, and ultimately, increase the profit in your business! -  Sandi Krakowski  Headlines are vital to the success of your sales copy.How important are headlines? So important that some of the highest-paying work in the copywriting business is creating headlines for magazine covers and tabloids. Think about it. Aren’t you sometimes at least tempted to pick up those [...]

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