A well rounded education makes you disposable

  A well rounded education makes you disposable  By: Sandi Krakowski   I got to thinking this morning about how many people are programmed to get a well-rounded education in life and learning.   People go through the motions, learning just enough about as many topics as they can.... and some don't even bother, because it's so darn boring anyways. And what kind of results do we get? We see an entire world filled with people who have NO mastery, NO marketable skill and no special talent. We have a bunch of well-rounded "Nonthinkers" and drones. If you are reading this you are definitely not one of those kind of people.   You'd never survive with some of the radical out of the box thinking we present. I mean give me a break, I have pink [...]

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Can A Working Mom Really Have It All Without Hiring A Nanny And A Clone?

There's a new breed of Moms in the year 2010 and she's not settling for less Working Mom websites and organizations that support Moms are a hot topic in the year 2010. And no small wonder, a recent New York Times articles shows that an increase of Moms who are the big bread winner at home is growing faster than ever. So what does this mean for the Mom who has a career but values her family very much and isn't willing to give up her priorities to pursue her goal in the world of success? Many Moms at a recent poll taken on Working Moms Only stated that they weren't willing to give up family time and family closeness to achieve huge success. CEO and publisher, Mary Ellen Tribby has quite the resume [...]

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