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Little Church In The Marketplace Isn't Going To Work!

Sandi Processing Thoughts this morning, so be forewarned.

When the people of God go into the marketplace, why are they always trying to set up little 'churches' in the business world? The world is tired of systems, religion that doesn't change lives & hypocrisy. They want REAL. They seek real!

Rather than thinking your biggest task is to see if you can get someone to 'say a prayer' with you and whisk them away into the kingdom of heaven, consider that Jesus said GREATER WORKS than He did should be normal for us. Greater!

You know, greater than raising the dead, casting out demons, healing the sick, give sight to the blind and more. When we are in the marketplace, at our jobs, running businesses, etc we should be the ones who shine the BRIGHTEST. Our cup should always be half full! It's not a delusion!

No matter WHAT is happening in our lives personally WE HAVE HOPE that is worth getting excited about! If we'd stop trying to 'do church' in the marketplace, bringing all our dysfunctional habits into the world, maybe those who sit in darkness would be more interested in light?!

I dunno, just a thought.

If we went into the marketplace and brought hope, truth, life, love and joy we WOULD SEE the greatest AWAKENING this world has yet to experience! We would SEE revivalists rising up and revolutionaries being ignited. But it's gonna take a 'script change' and we have to stop setting up pulpits in the marketplace.

We must serve, love, work hard, stop bad mouthing your coworkers and your boss. Care when someone you meet is in trouble. The world needs HOPE. They need HELP!  Pray for ANYONE!

Believe in miracles! Raise the dead! Cast out demons! Bring sight to the blind! Help the lame to walk!

Heaven in business and bringing the kingdom to the marketplace is NOT creating 'little church in the marketplace'….. go back to the Book! Read what the original 12 did! They were RADICALS and they changed the world on FOOT for crying out loud! We now have no excuses.

4.6 BILLION times per day someone clicks LIKE on Facebook. 18.7 MILLION times per hour 
3.1 MILLION times per minute . 52,083 TIMES PER SECOND . GO THERE…. people are expressing their opinions, seeking out relationship, looking for hope. BE THE BRIGHTEST THING they will ever encounter in their life and when you earn their trust, tell them of the Father's great great love for them.

Stop judging them, cutting them, criticizing them. HELP THEM.  Ok, I'm done.. and off to my workout.

I love you guys! Let's change the world! 

Sandi Krakowski

sandi krakowski