Large Group of People Celebrating

The beauty of social media is when global strangers connect and become neighbors. Where digital connections pass through smartphones, pad devices, laptops and more to bring people who would never meet otherwise into a space of not only daily connection, but in some cases, hourly.

As we reach forward to a new generation that is striving to connect everyone to this great platform called the internet, we see corporations rising such as and Google Fiber. An internet connection in every home, in every land. Free wifi everywhere we go. Connection is increasing and it's time for you, the small business owner, to take this community based platform serious.

If you are a plumber one of the first things you'll learn is how to do a service call. You wouldn't ever consider going into someone's house talking about pipes, PVC and copper. No, your best foot forward would mean taking the time to have conversation, engage with the customers and service their needs as you do so. This same model works today brilliantly on social media.

The "Loving Your Customers" model that I have been teaching for more than 5 years now is not new and it's not limited to just a brick and mortar business. The struggle comes in when a succesful business that knows how to truly care for people begins to believe that they must behave differently, put on an internet marketing front and try to become something they are not.

If you own a clothing boutique and you offer free hemming, fashion tips and even special bonus' with every purchase, the customer will drive over an hour just to look around your store. People will linger through your clothing racks and they'll enjoy the fresh smells of your boutique for one simple reason: they love being there with you. This same kind of atmosphere is not only possible through social media, it's imperative.

Community is the key to success on social media.

Marketers are always trying to sound so smart looking for the latest and greatest ROI and analytics, when all the while the fact remains that this data is purely driven by one thing- relationship. The relationship you have with your customers and the relationship your customers have with you. The relationships they have with your website, your email and your social channels. I've said it numerous times before, that relationship is the currency of this generation.

Go back to the basics of human needs and take the time to plan a marketing campaign that is fun, loving and kind. What a revelation it would be if you could create something that not only inspired people to be better in all that they do, but you could tie in any marketing campaign at the same time.

Community is the key. Change your locks my friends, this generation is waiting for you!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski