Cooking Up Big Dough In Business
My first business wasn't planned in a boardroom, I wasn't mentored by a millionaire the first time around and I didn't have any business partners in which to confide in as things grew.  It was just me, a dream and many times guesswork.
Back in 1997 I didn't even know a thing called the "Dot Com" bust was taking place. We had three little guys I was homeschooling (well only one at that time, the other two were in diapers still)… and my husband's income wasn't matching my desire for a $ 900 kitchen mixer.
I learned how to bake bread from scratch from some ladies I had met online and while it was rewarding seeing my families eyes open wide when that loaf of perfection came out of the oven my 'prized loaf' was gone most times in less than an hour! Something had to change….
so I went online to see what it would take to make more than just one loaf at a time. My prayers were answered.
After much research I discovered that 20 fabulous pounds of dough could be made at one time and 8 loaves could be the result of just one hour of work. Heaven.. it would be pure heaven.
Then I saw the price…. and reality set in.
My husband Alan had a great job at General Motors and worked as a Design Engineer. We had a great income but a $ 900 mixer was not in the budget. It was more than our house payment. So …. I did what any self respecting visionary business woman would do…
I went on a hunt to find out what it would take to sell these amazing machines.
After a few days of convincing the supplier that I was going to run a legitimate business online with a group of over 300 women that were currently receiving my printed newsletter each month….I was given access to my very first online business.
Well, they gave me wholesale distributor rights. Going online was what I did on my own. Without any training, experience or even a clue of what I was doing. Just pure passion.
The first website I ever created looked like a Word Doc online. Actually that's what it was, because Front Page in those days was pretty much your only choice for self publishing. It was pathetic. But…. it sold products.
We did $ 30,000 in profits that first year of business with about 35 products.
I later paid a ton of money and hired a web person to help me out so I could look more professional. By our second year we had over 250 products and our third year we were a full fledged store online with a list of 30,000 people and over 400 products being shipped and drop shipped.
In my WordPress class I take you back with me, showing you in the internet archives those first web pages I built. It's fun… and it reminds me of the power of a dream.
Girls, are you dreaming of something your current budget doesn't afford?
Guys, are you dreaming of a toy, less hours or a vacation you'd like to give to your girl that maybe your current salary can't provide for?
What is your dream?
My dream led to where I am today. It also caused my 22 year old son to create his own business after years of working with me (and his grew to over $ 250k in profits)…….and it changed our lives forever.
Your dream could be the recipe designed to impact thousands, just as we have. 
What is your dream?
Here are  some of the new tools I play with every single day in my 'kitchen' of success. I'm not a professional chef by any means but I do know this…. one dream + passion and the right tools could change a families history forever.
Please, don't give up on your dreams….. your future is waiting for you.
Yours, for radical profits online-
Sandi Krakowski