Creating Information Products- Your First Steps

By: Sandi Krakowski

You've worked hard to get your information down in notes.

You've mastered the ability to give some step by step instructions in the thing that you previously only did by memory!

Now… you're ready to take your first step and create an information marketing product!


But then you realize, "Oh my gosh! How do I create these Mp3's? How do I sell them? Where do I sell them? Can I sell them at all? Should I make CD's? What about an eBook? How do you do that? And videos? OH MY WORD I am overwhelmed!"

This is the process that we've seen with thousands of our clients in the last few years… and many are now making a huge income selling their expertise!

People like Angela Brooks who nearly replaced her entire nurse's salary and now has published her first book!

Clients like Dr Eno who published her first book and is on track to replace her salary as a Physician!

Kayla Howard, stay at home Mom who recently made $ 3700 in just one week! ONLINE!

And don't forget mother of 12, Charlotte Siems who is making more cash then she ever thought was possible with audios, eBooks and video training! Oh… and she homeschools too!

Here are just a few tips to get you started in the production of your own Information Marketing products. 

1. Start out with something simple that you can grow bigger. 

I always teach my clients to start small and master it. Publish your first eBook, learn the process and then market it over and over again. Take out some banner ads, test some copy, refine the eBook if you want. Send out a missing chapter. When questions and comments come in? Release product number two. Now you've worked out some of the bugs, your clients are asking for what they need next, you are there to serve. It's a beautiful thing!

2. Don't do a 30 day video training as your first product. A lot of our students see our 30 Day Make More Money With Your Blog Course that has been reviewed by over 100,000 clients and they want to follow suit and do the same thing. I have to remind them that before we had that free course, we had over 45,000 people go through our 7-Days To WordPress Video Course. This is where we worked out our bugs, answered questions, learned what you wanted! It's a lot easier to start at 7 and expand then to overwhelm yourself with 30 and never finish. 

3. Try an audio product before a video creation. You can use things like and record an audio product that can be sold over and over again. It's easy to use, easy to set up and as you work on getting yourself accustomed to talking to yourself *which is what you'll do with a video product too* you'll work through some of the processes that will be needed to succeed with video. You can redo it as often as you want and get it right to where you want it. Works great! Almost all of our audios are done this way. 

Ready to go?

Here's a great software checklist to consult as you move ahead:

1. Audios– We use

2. Videos- All of our videos are done with the MacBookPro 15" using iMovie. It comes out in HD, is amazing and easy to maneuver. Sometimes we use the GlamCor light kit, other times we use the lighting from dusk or dawn. Informercial Queen Chalene Johnson taught me to video tape right when the sun comes up or right before it goes down. Makes us ladies who are almost 50 years old look younger! Woohoo!

3. I currently use Vimeo to post our classroom lessons on. YouTube is what I use when we are doing a free course, looking for more SEO effect and it's not something that is going to a private group.  ALWAYS remember to post the Embedded code for your video into your blog, because as we taught in the Inner Circle Video training on Social Media Content Management, "All Roads Lead To Your Blog".

4. Ebooks are best created in your own writing software, like Pages or Word. Then remember this- ALWAYS put it into .PDF format. When you're done with your document, be sure to save it as a .PDF. DO NOT upload this to WordPress. Have your assistant help you to upload your document to a password protected section on your own server or hosting account. Don't forget to add some graphics and other effects to make it an enjoyable item to read.

5. is what we use when we want to create an eBook or written document that we want to give access for reading on a Kindle, iPad, iPhone or web viewing. It's a great little program for the beginner and they walk you through the entire process.

BIG TIP FOR BEGINNERS– knowing all the different things that are out there to do products with is not the key. If you know of 13 software packages for eBooks, 7 for video and  you get 19 ideas for audio it translates to ZERO profits if you don't get to work. * wink* So… make a choice, get a move on… and get that first product done!

I'd love to hear about when you're marketing it! Be sure to get into our Inner Circle course so we can teach you how to saturate Google, market through social media and more!

Welcome aboard to the amazing world of Information Publishing!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski