Career Mapping For A Successful 2014- Getting Ready For A Great Year On Purpose!  

I will never forget the very first time I was introduced to a planner. While I was in high school someone taught me how to keep track of my classes, my gym workouts (because I was bodybuilding the last year of high school), my work schedule and my personal time. Quickly it became a serious love for me. The fine art of being able to map out the coming week, months and more changed me as a person, and I was only 18.

As I went on in life as the store manager of a health food store, running several weight lifting gyms, working as a coach helping people to gain and lose weight….. later going off to Corporate America and working as a secretary and switchboard operator, the use of a planner became like second nature to me. 

Through 24 years of homeschooling, 18years of running companies, managing budgets, schedules, goals and more….. being able to map out what is critical in all areas of life has been very important to how my weeks, months and entire year goes. 



I'll be very honest with you- God has permission to change anything I schedule, and He does… but I have also found that He is pleased when I 'lay my plans before Him' and ironically, He helps me to achieve things in a way I've never thought was possible!

What does YOUR plan for 2014 look like?

Are you ready to succeed in all areas of life?  During the last three years as I have coached people in their businesses here at A Real Change International, Inc we've seen some great results as I've worked to help people map out the areas of life that really matter …. and making sure it MIRRORS their goals in business.  NOTHING is disconnected from or denying the kind of life they want.

I want to help you!

When we held this class in December 2012 it was SOLD OUT to 5000 people!

NOW is your only opportunity to get the recordings if you missed out the first time and have been kicking yourself ever since!

If you are a business owner, whether you have staff or not, this is critical to your success! Let me share with you how to get the following areas of your life in alignment with what is important to you and how to create the kind of LIFE you want!

  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Personal

If we were to sit down right now, do you know how to MAP OUT what you want to create next year in all of these areas of life?  In my personal schedule there is a 2 week vacation OFF coaching 100% every 90 days. That is built into my schedule!  With the physical and personal goals I've mapped out, there are charted days on and days OFF that will help me hit the target right where it needs to be!

Look at your future and LAUGH because you've got a PLAN!

And here's A BIG KEY… If you want to give away more this coming year, it's time to map that out. HOW does one get themselves to the point of giving away more than $1 million dollars?  By MAPPING OUT goals that include $100 per week initially!

Let's gather together, for 3 solid hours and let's create YOUR BEST YEAR YET! 

We will start out with a framework that will set you up for success.  Then we will reverse engineer how to bring all of the hidden aspects that you probably  keep forgetting together so that you are GUARANTEED to see the kind of results you want!  I'll be doing LIVE COACHING on this 3 hours special training, helping some of you map out specifically what you've been dreaming of!



All 3 hours recorded in Mp3 format



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