Death Of The Web, Blogs Are Dying, Things Changing Online And What I've Learned In 14 Years Of Running Internet Based Companies And Marketing

"Oh my God, Sandi, what do we do with this?!!" came the frantic email.

"Sandi, I trust you and you've been online through multiple recessions and multiple changes, what does all this mean?!?!" came another.

More and more came in and I knew that on "My Watch" I had to say something.

You see, I've been working online for the last 14 years. I've lived through the "They are going to charge us 2-3 cents per email and the US postal service is going to shut down email! What do we do?!" and the "No one can start a home based business without a 2 week 'think about it' clause, so NOW what do we do!?!?!" to … "Blogs are dying, there's been a MURDER online!!" to….. "The web is dying,  you had better be ready". 

So…. deep breath….. phew… as I proceed, please know….

I've lived through, prospered through and am here to tell you how to make it through all of these changes going on line.

Let me give you a basic marketing lesson.

SHOCK sells, creating a STIR creates a movement and Marketing 101, when you see multiple leaders, companies, speakers, trainers and coaches jumping on the release of an eBook or a "Just Released Insider Report" you can bet your booty there is something you might not realize… this is marketing, my friends. If more than 3-4 major leaders are 'attached to it' that means there is a big affiliate payout attached to it as well.

There, I said it.  

Have you been following us for the last 17 months?

Let me ask you one very straight heart to heart question, ok?  

HOW MANY TIMES have you seen me market what everyone else is marketing and HOW many times do you see me pitching you with Leader #1 and their best offering and Leader # 2 and what they have to sell *sorry what they know and you need* and Leader #3 and all the information you can't stay away from??  Let me help you out-I rarely do it! EVER. Period.

One of the reasons I rarely do JV deals, you won't see me pitching the latest and greatest affiliate offer and the reason I could GIVE A FLIP about some big trip someone is gonna send me on if I convert you into a sale for their gain is simple…… I want to be YOUR Ambassador For TRUTH in business.

Please don't think that I've not been approached often, because I am. I'm approached, pimped, prodded and coerced by the best of them…. and they try to charm me and convince me to sell you the "Latest Greatest" stir and report with promises of high payouts and earnings. But the truth be told? Something has gone amuck and I am NOT going to remain silent again.

Ladies and Gentlemen I hate to break it to you but there are two critical aspects in the world of marketing that YOU as a consumer had better realize:  

#1- Fear Sells  

#2- Fearful People Are Easy To Control

So it doesn't take much of a Rocket Scientist to realize that to market something and create a "Movement" all you have to do is have enough people interested in lining their fat pockets involved and you can quite frankly create a fearful outbreak of panic in marketing!  

Listen, I've been online for 14 years… I've seen it all. I've been writing copy, created multiple eCommerce businesses, have done PPC to the tune of six figures and have grown lists that even shock me!

But every single time, as God is my witness, that someone has tried to capitalize and line their own freaking pockets at the expense of my clients, the Momma Bear Anointing rises in me and I say, "NO WAY!"

It's not made me popular, trust me. But I do sleep well at night and God does give me dreams that are ridiculous of creating a TIDAL WAVE without all those tactics and tricks.  

A long time ago those who love me and have come to trust and depend on me began to call me "The Internet Cop" because of the things I've turned down through the years. I'm one of the hardest cookies to manipulate and I can't STAND IT when someone talks to me like a prostitute that is so desperate she'd sell her own soul to make a buck! Listen, what the heck do you think is behind this pink hair anyways? Stupidity? HA!

I haven't earned a reputation of creating results in the marketplace, seeing marriages healed, moms and dads earning more money than ever and people paying down their debt because I'm a part of the train that leads to control people.

Oh dear, did I just say that?  

There are those 'on the circuit' who would like you to think that the internet and the web as we know it is dying. Oh give me a freaking break, the internet changes at least every 4-6 weeks if not ever 4-6 days and things were never designed to stay the same in the first place. So big revelation there! Dying? Oh whatever.. I've made millions as people said The President was going to shut the internet down and I've built huge lists as people said, "Big Brother Is Taking Over."  

Facebook and Google are as popular as ever, there is no greater way to get input and date on the behavior and patterns of people, so there is also no way that any higher organization is going to shut it all down! Be discerning, will ya? And take a chill pill! If you aren't into pills, use Essential Oils as I do and have a glass of wine for good measure.

Last time I checked Blogs Are Not Dying and newsletters were not just invented. Be very cautious who you listen to! I've been building my companies online for the last 14 years and one of the FIRST tools people used in the 90's was a newsletter.

So I don't get who thinks Blogs are dying or that eZines are all of a sudden having a come back… but if you have any level of common sense to listen to.. my friends… they've been around and someone is trying to spoon feed YOU a marketing message. So… you'll buy their stuff. Period.  

There's nothing wrong with marketing and I hope you'll buy my stuff too but there is no way in God's heaven or the Devil's hell I'm gonna use manipulation, control, fear or coercion to sell you!  For goodness sakes that is a lot of work! I'd prefer to love you and lead you as I'd want to be led. It's easier to sleep at night and I don't have to "Reinvent My Message" every 6 months!

Lately I've seen many things DYING and MURDERED and DESTROYED you'd think some people were Professional Morticians rather than Internet Marketers. I'm JUST sayin'. Sheesh!  

If you want to build a business online you are going to have to realize that things change, people change, the way we market changes and it's up to you to be knowledgable about those changes and use them to serve people at the highest level possible.

If you're interested in Internet Prostitution or acting like an Online Whore, go ahead and follow anyone who has itching ears and wants to sell you anything they can so they can get a bigger fat pocket. But if you're one of the select few, who still cares about Ethics and Morality and is still concerned about having a clean heart- I have a very serious word for you. God will let you prosper when others are failing, He'll give you favor and insight, when others don't know what to do. But most importantly…..

when you ASK for help and you seek Him for wisdom and supernatural power on your business, you won't have to worry about having a cold, manipulative heart because of your marketing. The times are changing and it's time for YOU to wake up out of your marketing trance and realize…. A REAL CHANGE is here. 


Sandi Krakowski is a Mompreneur, Coach, Strategist & Mentor, Online Marketing Expert, Speaker, Writer, Copywriter. Mindset & Marketing For Small Biz Owners.  Her unique talent is as a "Back To Basics Step By Step Business" expert who currently serves more than 150,000 clients in over 136 countries. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly. 

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