We interrupt our regularly scheduled content on this blog with a heart-felt note. From me to you.

There's one thing you can depend on me for… I'm going to push you.

Now I realize this is pretty risky, considering most of you have never met me in person and we merely connect through the internet. But let me tell you a few pieces of my story that you might not have yet.

My background is not a fast-track for success in a home that modeled and raised me up so that I'd be everything I was designed to be. No, far from it. My childhood was spent in fear and pain. Many things didn't make sense to me.. and my biggest goals were to get out of my parents nightmare of a home, make money and be on my own.

I began working at K-Mart in the Sporting Goods department at 16 years of age. By the time I was 18 years old and graduating, I could care less about ceremonies, parties or anything most graduates want. My focus was on bodybuilding. (See photo above of me, at 20 yrs old) I had been bit by the fitness bug the year before… and when I graduated, I was on track for my first event. All I wanted to do was make something of my life, make enough money to never have to live off someone else's fall-off and be free.

While I didn't realize that's what that 'feeling' was inside of me at the time, it was the deep calling unto deep call for freedom at the very core of who I was.

I'd go onto manage multiple gyms, work at health food stores and even spend some time working as a waitress at a bar. All of these job choices gave me unique experience that I still pull from today. Client membership management, wholesale distribution, pricing and ROI, customer service, client care and product delivery.  Pretty interesting, isn't it? When we look at our past for CLUES to what God has been up to in our lives? 

Little did I know that God Himself was grooming a Warrior inside of me and that 27 years later I would run a big internet business, my 11th successful company built online, and His plans for me were FAR GREATER than I ever dreamed or even thought of.

Do you have a dream? What are you doing with it? This is where I PUSH you… so be ready. 

I have overcome more in one life than most psychiatrists want to even talk publicly about. Gang rape, horrific childhood trauma, verbal and physical abuse from multiple leaders in my life…. and by the GRACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY am here today, on a mission, to PUSH YOU …. to BE more.

If you are going to BE more in business you are going to have to UNDERSTAND how to use the internet to market your business. There's no short cut and you can't keep playing around if you TRULY want to create the life of your dreams. If you don't understand how to use the Social Media Smartphone Mobile culture…  you are in ROYAL TROUBLE.

This is where I step in. 15 years of experience online have taught me A LOT! And I've NEVER seen so many changes and massive shifts in how business is done as I've witnessed and been a part of during the last 12 months!

I've worked on my own journey so I could be qualified to push you!  With love of course…. always with love. As a matter of fact I'm even pushing MYSELF with this event. We've never done anything this big before! We've never had this many people at one event before. We here at A Real Change International, Inc are giving 100%- now it's your turn. 

So… what will it be? You've got TWO DAYS. That is it. 

If you are NOT registered for the "Social Media Smartphone GPS Summit" in Orlando Florida you could be making the BIGGEST mistake of your career…. 

From now until August 15th, 2012 I'll let you make 6- EZ Payments to attend this event. 


Please, don't make a mistake you'll regret long into 2013. Register now.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

P.S. WHAT do you have to lose? I fought every odd there was against me. YOU can do this too…. push yourself HARDER and farther than you've ever done before. YOU are worth it!