Dissecting Of A Hugely Successful Email Campaign


As we look through this email pay very close attention to why it works and what caused not only a huge increase in sales because of it's success, but also a deeper connection with my customers because it was very sincere and genuine. 

In the email you'll notice the feeling of connection between leader and client, between coach and student. It's not a correcting email, making people feel bad and telling them to step up, but a heart felt sincere email that shares with transparency and vulnerability that we're really very similar. 

I share that we all get off track and we all lose focus. 

This isn't the posture of one who has arrived and others should all follow, but rather, the relating of one individual to the other in a hopes of creating a change

Then I offer a chance to help- by committing to coaching.

The reason the coaching is so valuable is because it's the exact same thing that has helped me to be hugely successful. The vulnerability and transparency continues as I share that we all derail and the way to stay focused, move ahead and reach your goals is to have the right people in place to help you get there. 

The big key factors are as follow:

1. The email leads with what the clients wants. To get past their sticking point and to go farther.

2. The email doesn't condemn, make one feel bad or judge. It encourages, challenges and offers support.

3. The email removes the separation between an expert's success and a new or failing business owners plight. And this gap is bridged with compassion and humanity, a desire to lead and help.

The human spirit is one that desires to connect and continue, it's not designed to quit. The process of giving up and quitting is honestly a learned behavior, not one we were born with.

It is my belief that when you 'tap into' the divine design of your clients, going to where they live now, encouraging them with their potential, being vulnerable and transparent, we all win, enormously.

Here is the entire email below. It is copyrighted and protected of course. But you may, with my permission, use it as a model, changing the words to your own voice and tone, and use it successfully  in your marketing.

Leave me your thoughts! I've given you my secret strategies that are proven and effective.

Will you join me in this journey to create A Real Change in business? 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

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Hey #firstname#,

How's it going?

You know, life happens, doesn't it?  Things pile up and before we know it there's not a few things on the To Do List that aren't getting done, there's a month worth of projects that we've gotten off track with.

I totally know what this is like and it's why I spend regular time with my coaches, making sure derailing doesn't happen.

The fact of the matter is, the only difference between a millionaire and a wanna be business owner is they know how to prevent derailing and getting off track.

We're here to support you and believe in your dreams! Here's a copy of last night's coaching group call  – no charge, my gift to you.

LINK to call.

Your dreams are important to me! Let's get back on track!

Link to coaching

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

P.S. Just for the record, I personally have gotten off track many times in my career.. and ironically, when I made the commitment to get back on track, the biggest breakthroughs happened!  I can't wait to hear from you! Let's do this! 


 This email is given as an example. To cut and paste & use in your business is a federal violation of copyright laws. You may model it, use it as an example but to steal it is not how you grow your business.  (c) A Real Change International Inc. 2014, all rights reserved.