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Engagement On A Facebook Page Is Driven By Three Things

WHAT is it that causes my page to outpace all of the other social media experts right now who are EXCELLENT, by the way, at what they do and are making a difference?

The number one thing small business owners, large multibillion dollar corporations and ministries ask me is this: “How do I increase the engagement on my page so that I can sell more products or services?”

When I first started doing highly targeted advertisements through the Facebook ad manager, everyone thought that SURELY this is why my engagement is so high and so many people interact with me. Repeatedly I heard excuses like, “No one can afford your budget!” But case in point, my engagement is driven mostly by organic reach. I started with a small ad budget and increased our budget WITH an increase in sales.  Now we devote 10%-12% of our sales to Facebook ads, like any good corporation would. If you’re not marketing, creating new leads and increasing your client base daily, you’re really missing it.

But engagement on my page is driven MOSTLY by people liking my content and how often I post.  See below.

Facebook Engagement

Organic reach on Facebook pages

So WHAT is it that causes my page to outpace all of the other social media experts right now who are EXCELLENT, by the way, at what they do and are making a difference in the world? HOW does my page outreach and outperform pages that have 5-10 times more followers than I do? It’s a 3 step process. Let me show it to you.

Facebook Page Engagement


Step #1- CONSISTENCY: The key to engagement on a social media page is in posting consistently content that your audience WANTS. Not what you think they might enjoy, or what you ‘believe’ they should see. Learning to study data tracking and mining through analytics tools that reveal to you exactly what your clients want and bringing that content to them daily is key. DAILY! (See my Facebook Engagement Map, right hand corner on my website, it’s a free download) 

Step #2- TALKING BACK: Talking with and back to your audience is imperative. Facebook pages are not like a billboard, a magazine advertisement or a banner ad. It’s like a storefront in a small town. It’s just like a store in a mall. If we don’t talk to potential customers and clients, don’t expect to sell anything. Knowing what to say and how to say it by studying data that reveals exactly what Facebook users like and desire is critical. Most pages do not talk back. If they do? It’s so sporadic it’s ruining their reach and engagement! OR they’re saying slimy salesy things that turn people off. 

Step #3- A SMALL FACEBOOK AD BUDGET: I did a campaign last December for a ministry ( International House Of Prayer In KC) that had over 200,000 people on their page. They were not posting consistently. They didn’t know what to post, other than their events, products and things they offer. They were guessing like most people do and they were advertising like a crap shoot in Las Vegas, ie hoping something would work! We reviewed the data I spoke of above in Steps 1 and 2. We presented daily content the audience wanted. We talked back and we CUT their budget in half online and removed all magazine ads and other promotions they had used for many years. Now listen to this- they had successfully held a popular event with on average 20,000 people attending for many years. Their Facebook page was just a teeny tiny part of their large marketing budget. But this time we made the Facebook page a BIG focus. At the event, with this marketing strategy in place, they increased their tickets sold by more than 37% and blew their engagement on the page up 4000%. Sales of CDs, books and more still increase to this day with more than 400,000 people.

Are you ready to find out what these data tools are and how to review the analytics that will show you, without a doubt, how to target your best audience, create a small ad budget, create content that is engaging and increase your sales? Join me at CULTURE: 2014, a virtual global summit where I will reveal all of this to you! See you there! REGISTER NOW: http://www.smkc2014.com 

Please know, this is not an article to slam or bring anything negative to other experts.  They are great at what they do. But the bottom line is, it’s not who you are, what you do, or what you post as much as what your CUSTOMER WANTS. 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski