How We Got 10,000 People To Attend A LIVE! Event With Just $10 Per Day In Facebook Ads For Only 30 Days

In November of 2014, when most people would say it was a bad time to market a live event because of the holidays, we STARTED our marketing for the #BeMore Book Tour. By the first week of January 2015, we had thousands of people registered and lined up to attend. But what happened next was nothing short of a miracle AND a marketing revolution. 

Our book tour marketing included $10 per day in ads, sent to the 10 cities that we had planned on attending. We did a 25 mile radius advertising campaign on Facebook, without any specific targeting. We also did advertising to the people who are connected to my page in these areas. Total cost per week of advertising: $100. We did ads for 4 weeks and our attendance was ridiculous!

$400 in ads
10,000 people attended!

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Not only did we have 10,000 people attend the event, more than 40% of the people who attended had NEVER even heard of me before! Some had just seen my ad on their phone, and showed up 30 minutes later at our event AND got a prophetic word from GOD directly for them! It was crazy.

Here are a few key tips for your local marketing that will help:

1. Target all of the local people on your page and their friends with your ad
2. Target people by age more than interests with local ads. The amount of people you connect to locally will be significantly lower than any other ad campaign, so tighten this targeting down to age. We typically stick to 21-47 on our ads, because that is the most engaged age group on Facebook AND it’s our most engaged client group.
3. Write ads that SAY the city in the ad. Our #BeMore tour ads said, “Hey Nashville! It’s time to #BeMORE!”  and “Orlando, Sandi Krakowski is coming to see you!” When we mention the city in the ad, we cross the fourth wall of marketing.

What IS the Fourth Wall Of Marketing?

The fourth wall of marketing is when the ad is speaking directly to the reader or viewer. In this case, the Facebook ad was speaking directly to the person in that state. We recently saw a local ad in our area ask us, the reader and viewer on the Facebook platform, what WE would like to see in our local shopping center. That was WILD. The ad asked us to give OUR opinion!  You can only imagine how engaged that ad was!

When you can speak TO people directly with what THEY already want in their language and you add local appeal, conversions on Facebook will go up. Then you have to be sure your headlines, photos and call to actions really drive it home. I can help with that! Until March 10th, my best-selling Facebook Ads 2.0 class is 52% OFF.  I’ll teach you how to do micro-niche ad, DARK POST targeting (which are GREAT for local ads!) and more!  Let’s get started now!  

With love and gratitude,
Sandi Krakowski