Don't Ask A Fat Person How To Lose Weight  & Other Wisdom For The New Business Owner


By: Sandi Krakowski


I'm excited to talk to you today! Let me just cut to the chase and jump right in, ok? Today I have a question for you. Some of you will be grateful I asked. Some… well, not so much. But let me reassure you that the words that I write are always given from a heart of love and encouragement. YOUR dreams mean the world to me. I don't want to see you struggle any longer.

Today's article is going to trigger some of you… so please be ready for it. But if you take the time to journal and write out what exactly upset you or made you uncomfortable, you could be at a huge breaking point in your life and in your career.

My friends, you have to stop listening to every person's advice. YOUR life is your life. YOUR business is your business. It's time to really take a good hard look at WHO we are listening to. I love you and I believe in you. 

Enjoy today's article!

Sandi Krakowski

Business breakthrough advice- Every suggestion and opinion is not valid.  

When a professional athlete steps out to pursue their goal of the Olympics, one of the first keys their coach will press into their mind is the reality that 'blinders and boundaries' are extremely critical to achieving the target. Well meaning friends who want to party and relax on the weekend will not serve the athlete's goal very well when they have to put extra time in the gym. 

Choosing who to hang around during the months before the competition is as important as choosing what shoes to wear! It cannot be taken lightly.

In my years of bodybuilding I learned very quickly not to take advice from out of shape and overweight family members. If I was going to limit my carbohydrate intake, guard my sleep habits, be totally 100% focused on my goal of winning a trophy it would require 24/7 devotion and commitment. This might come as a shock to some but….. it wasn't always a popular decision to be as focused as I was.

Comments were everywhere I went-


       "Do you always have to work out on Saturday? Can't you just take one weekend off?"


      " Everyone deserves a break, go ahead and have that pie, it won't hurt you."


     "Women need more rest than men, so you need to be really careful working out so hard."


To be very honest, it was Resistance in physical form, taunting and challenging my commitment. It was a painful yet powerful lesson when I realized that well-meaning people could actually be jealous and threatened by others pursuits.


If you are seeking to build a business and you've never done such a thing before, you will encounter opposition and Resistance from people you never thought in a million years you could do such a thing.


Here are a few pointers to help you stay on task and focused-


#1- Never take business advice from someone who hasn't made or isn't currently making money in business. 


This may sound like common sense to some but to others it will be life transforming. Sadly, I've seen more comments and opinions and suggestions coming from people who are NOT successful than I do people who are. 


The truth is successful people rarely go out of their way to give their opinion or suggestions to people who aren't asking. They don't need to prove who they are by being a know it all, don't need to validate an unhealthy self-worth by finding people to always give their opinions to and most importantly, they are always so focused and busy moving their own goals forward that they don't have time to see if others aren't! 


So, when it comes to business advise, don't take counsel from someone who isn't doing what you want to do.


#2- Guard how much time you give those who are negative in your life. 


Access is a privilege when it comes to relationships. Having a lot of acquaintances is one thing, having hundreds of close friends is quite another. It's unhealthy to have hundreds of people who give input and time into your life, so be careful how much you receive, especially when it comes to negativity.


I'm blessed to have thousands of people who interact with us as a company every single day on the internet, but one thing is sure…. I never allow negative people any time in my space on a regular basis. Negativity breeds negativity! I love to be with my clients who are going somewhere, encouraging each other, are drama free and happy! Negativity? No thanks! No time for it.


#3- Make a commitment and stick to it. 

Focus on adding 500 to people to your list. Do advertisements, blog posts, webinars and PPC to accomplish this. Don't buy into the nonsense that you can build a business on free. Oh, sure, you might be able to build a business that pays you a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on free methods but REAL businesses advertise and do marketing. Make a goal and stick to it.


Those who create a goal always go farther than those who are just trying a bunch of different methods. Haphazardly building your business with too many different methods and no focus doesn't help anything. 


Get strategic, get focused and make it happen!


You are the sum total of who you hang around. So my question for you today is, who are you?


Want a clue? Take a look at your friends and you'll see a mirror. If the mirror that you are currently seeing isn't serving you to move to the next level of your business, it's completely within your power to change things.


Make A Real Change in your business and watch the profits soar!


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With love,

Sandi Krakowski