My FAVORITE Apps To Use For Business

Apps can make it easier to run your business anywhere you are at! Right now we're in Hawaii for 12 days and if it wasn't for my apps making it easy to post pictures, share with all of you our fun times and also answer emails a few times per day with my team, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do what we do! (Working just 1-2 hours per day our company with 22 team members and reaching almost a million clients is EASY with apps! Seriously!)

Here is my list of my FAVORITE apps that I use for business.


  1. Facebook

  2. Facebook Pages

  3. Twitter

  4. Hootsuite

  5. Instagram

  6. GoogleApps

  7. InstaProFrame

  8. Tweegram

  9. Pinterest

  10. Socialcam

  11. Piccollage

  12. Sound Cloud

  13. WordPress

  14. Mashable

  15. Evernote

  16. Pen Ultimate

  17. Analytics HD

  18. Klout

  19. Bizxpense Tracker

  20. Seatguru

  21. GoToMeeting

  22. SlideShark

  23. WordFoto

  24. StickyNotes

  25. You Version (Bible)

Enjoy!  There are many more, I'm sure you can find! Post them below in the comments so we all can benefit!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski