A Good Example Of A Bad Example! Stop Spamming People On Your Personal Facebook Profile 

By: Sandi Krakowski

The above screen shot is from Mashable.com where they are showing "20 Annoying Things To NOT Do On Facebook". I almost spit out my tea when I saw this on my iPad today! It's an incredibly good example of a BAD example and a wrong way to use social media marketing for your business.

Face it…. we've said it over and over again. If you are STILL using your personal profile on Facebook to market you part time business, you are declaring to the ENTIRE WORLD that you are NOT a professional. Stop that.

Businesses that use their Facebook Page for marketing and connection with their audience see huge returns on their investment. Here at A Real Change International Inc we have more than 35,000 loyal friends on Facebook and we take our relationship with them VERY serious.  As do they with us!

So what can we learn from this 'bad example' that Mashable pointed out?

Here are a few tips to help you be a professional in marketing and not a ridiculous immature one note-

1. If all you ever talk about is your product or service you are going to drive me nuts!  

We run a very large business with more than 500,000 clients. Take this one tip and it will increase your bottom line. STOP talking about your freaking product or service all the time! Have relationship, make connection, bring real life into your business and people will not only listen more, they'll engage, respect you and want to do business with you. 

2. Stop turning your personal Facebook profile into a marketing campaign!!  

Facebook frowns on businesses using their personal profile for marketing and customers feel the same way! Listen, big tip- if your friends are VERY encouraging and always comment and give you a "Like' on your personal profile that does NOT mean they'll do business with you. They like you, they love you. Doesn't mean they wanna buy what you have. Quit kidding yourself with all the likes and comments you get on your Facebook Profile and bring it over to a BUSINESS page to get some real concrete data of how you're doing.

3. If you are addicted to your Personal Facebook Profile and you need a Twelve Step Program to disengage, here's my best advice this side of building a BIG online business- YOUR bottom line is key friends.

If you talk all day on your Facebook Profile and you're not making money SOMETHING is broken. If all you do is chat, all you do is show pictures and you never ask for the sale, you'll never make money. If ALL you do is chatter all day about what you ate for breakfast, what your Mom is doing for lunch and what your dog did for dinner, don't expect to close a sale either!  DISCONNECT now. Make an announcement on your personal profile and JUMP over to a Facebook Page immediately! All of my students who have done this, doing exactly what we teach about social media in our courses, see a big change in their bottom line. Stop using your personal profile for business. Period. 

4. STOP making your entire Facebook Profile about your job.

Even if you are in business, bring the personal side into it and you'll always win. Everything is relevant and your audience wants relationship with you. Almost 1 BILLION users on Facebook don't lie- they want CONNECTION. They want your FACE! They want you. If all you ever talk about all day is your challenge pack or your promotion or your special offer, you're going to not only go broke but people will start ignoring you!

These 4 tips will change everything for you.  Be a good example of a professional and profits will follow you!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski