We’ve been talking a lot about neuroplasticity and quantum physics in my Inner Circle mentorship this past month. As I jumped into the deep end with my 2100+ students on the topic of wealth literacy, their relationship with money, abundance, stewardship and everything in between, neuroplasticity was the answer to our problems. When we realize that we don’t have to stay the same, we can change our mind and then change our lives, it’s incredible to think of the possibilities.

But something really bugs me.

It irritates me in the middle of the night, makes me think about it during the day and I keep asking this one question: “WHY do we always end up where we don’t want to be?!”  If we have so much power, if the chatter in our head doesn’t align with our truth, why do we still fall down, kick ourselves and end up in the same place, over and over again.

Neuroplasticity teaches us that the brain keeps a record of everything. Let’s just ponder that thought for a moment. The brain is storing, keeping track, recording pictures, feelings, emotions, hormones and everything, all day long. Then, when we hear something, whether positive or negative, our brain repeats back to us an ECHO of all the input on that particular thought. It goes something like this – If we hear, “You’re stupid”, our brain records something much more indepth. Did you realize this? It doesn’t just hear, “You’re stupid”. No, it pulls from all of it’s stored data and hears what went into the space called ‘YOU’. Every movie line about being stupid, every comment someone made that we didn’t realize we were listening to about someone else being stupid. So we hear, “You’re stupid”, and our brain says back to us, “You are the dumbest person alive. Why are you even still living? You’re so stupid you cause trouble for everyone. Stupidity is so common you’re just like everyone else. Stupid is as stupid does.” Stop reading. Take a breath. Re-read what I just wrote. 

Did you realize that the ‘voices’ or the assault that you’re getting in your head is typically not even happening on a conscious level? Could this be why we feel like we have lost control, because it feels like no matter what we do, this chatter just takes over? 

Our brain and the feeling emotional part of our mind is thinking 24/7 without any conscious decision or action on our part. It’s AUTO-PILOT.

But there is something that causes this automatic response to interrupt and break it’s circuits. There is something we can do every single day that creates a ‘turn on the breaks, wake up!’ response. You may be surprised to know that this isn’t a new concept. This isn’t new knowledge, it’s not something that only scientists of our generation have discovered. It was spoken of long long ago in the book that I call my “Success Manual”, the Bible. Check this out:  “Take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5.  What this means in plain English is, “Make your thoughts OBEY what you know is truth.”

If the truth is that you are loved, courageous, strong, capable and confident, than we have a responsibility to make our thoughts obey the truth. Take them captive- this word literally means to imprison or confine. If our thoughts are breaking the ‘law’ by trying to lead us into untruth because of our memories, the lies we’ve agreed with and have been exposed to, we have a moral obligation to be our best self and make that thing OBEY, take it into confinement and change it. But you’ll see something in this process that requires action on our part- DECIDE, THINK, ACT.  We must first decide that this chatter we’re hearing in our head has got to stop.

I hate to break it to you this way, but I must. We are not victims. We may have been victimized, I get that. My story has many instances where I was horrifically victimized. But that doesn’t make me a victim today. I’ve made a decision to rise above, no matter what it takes. I’ve thought my way to a new place, acted on behalf of the things I’ve learned and created a brand new life.


The photos above are taken a year apart.

On the left I was on Prednisone, Opiates, other anti-inflammatory medications, was just learning how to walk away from pain and all of the old messages in my body. On the right, I’ve been in the gym for 8 months, opiate free for 10 months, off Prednisone for a year and walking in the TRUTH of who I am. Neuroplasticity taught me how to CALL THOSE THINGS that are not, as if they were. It SHOWED me how to take my thoughts captive and make them obey the truth.

It was not easy.

It did not happen without a fight.

But one decision made, led to another choice walked out, which led to more decisions made, which led to actions being taken, which led to ACTING on these choices, every single day, if I felt like it or not.

My brain was showing me little glimpses of where I could be. My body was following one step at a time. I’d be at the gym struggling with weakness and soreness and chatter gone wild in my head, but then a small little picture would flitter into my mind of what you see on the right. I’d take a deep breath, shut my eyes right there at the squat rack, and breath it in. I’d CHOOSE to receive it. I’d DECIDE I wanted it. I’d ACT on the belief.

The prophetic takes us to a world that is unknown in the current realm we live in, but is very much known in the mind of God and in the spirit realm. The prophetic admonishes us, exhorts us, empowers and equips us for the life we were meant to live. The fact that our wonderful Creator God made our brain plastic ie. moldable, adaptable, changing, able to be remade and recreated is something that very few churches even teach, let alone practice. We are wiring our future, giving it power, strength, focus and everything it needs to fail or succeed by what is going on in our brain. Our self-talk is either killing us or building us up daily. The only thing that changes our story is CHOICE. 

Don’t let anyone make decisions for your life. YOU are the master and creator of that. Start acting like it.

With so much love, 

Sandi Krakowski ❤️ ❤️