When I logged into Facebook the other day, I saw an ad in the sidebar. It said, “Sign up by March 31, or pay a fine of up to 1% of your income.” there was an image next to it, it was a calendar with the 31st circled. 
Actually, here it is:

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 2.50.46 PM

When I saw this, a thought popped into my head, “What if this deadline is just to produce scarcity? What if this just the best direct response marketing piece of all time?”

Are you still asking yourself “What is the ROI on social media?”

Do you really need to ask that anymore?

U.S. President Barack Obama - Michelle Obama - 2013 Presidential

I urge you to look at the Presidency of Barack Obama. Whether you agree with his political tilt or not is NOT the question here! Don’t get it twisted! I honor, respect and love the President of the United States, regardless of if I agree with the decisions he makes, because that’s what God has called me to do. Barack Obama is MY president.

But I digress, the question you SHOULD be asking yourself is this:

“Do I want to successfully promote my products or services online, to real people who need what I have to offer to serve my fellow man to the best of my ability.

“Do you have something burning inside of you that you know that you must get out there to the public to change the world?”

When I looked at the campaign for ‘Obama-care’, I noticed a few things. There’s a deadline of March 31st, 2014. After March 31st you have to wait all the way until November 15th, 2014 to register for healthcare again.

I wrote a mental note in my head when I saw that advertisement on Facebook saying “What if ‘Obama-care’ is just a giant direct response marketing piece? What if they decide to change, or extend the deadline and allow people more time to purchase healthcare as a marketing method??

Well just as I had predicted, on March 31, the current administration stated that the deadline for people who were’t able to get health-care, due to technical or various other reasons, was to be extended to April 15, 2014.

What is the return on investment of running ads on Facebook?

What is the return on investment of running retargeting and re-marketing ads.

Oh don’t even get me started there.

I found that ad saying “Register now, or else” because I visited healthcare.gov. The website that, even though it doesn’t even work most of the time, used Facebook Ads and re-marketing ads to get 7 Million American’s signed up for mandatory Health Care Coverage.

If you’re STILL asking yourself ‘What is the ROI of retargeting ads, Facebook ads, social media’??

The real question is what is the ROI of you NOT getting using Facebook ads, retargeting ads and social media?


You are leaving thousands of dollars on the table every single day by not getting utilizing these proven, and successful, advertising methods.

The question you got to ask yourself is ‘How long do I want to wait, and keep trying to be successful online’ . . . or do you want to find out the truth about what produces these results in a step by step, paint by numbers, easy to follow system, with a money back guarantee?

On April 16, 2014, Sandi Krakowski and I will be conducting a class called ‘Facebook Ads Made Easy’.


In this class, we will be teaching you how to use just $10 per day to:

  • Grow your Facebook page
  • Send traffic to your website.
  • Produce sales with facebook ads
  • More click throughs and conversions 
  • A simple, easy to follow system that you can use immediately to see results in whatever it is you are promoting.

Beyond that, I’m personally coming in to teach how to do re-marketing ads. With these re-marketing ads, I’m going to show you how you can siphon traffic from Facebook to your website, legally of course, serving ads directly on the newsfeed and sidebar of your exact customer, the exact people who have already visited your website and are ready get started with whatever it is that you offer. This is EXACTLY the same way healthcare.gov was using re-marketing ads for their large-scale direct response marketing piece called ‘the affordable healthcare act’.   🙂

You can register for the class here:


On April 16, 2014, the game will change again. This is not 1984, this has nothing to do with conspiracy theory or Facebook spying on you.

What this is, is a brilliant marketing method that we have tested and proven personally in our business, and taught to thousands of our clients already, that you can use right away, to promote whatever it is, a ministry, a real estate company, a business or education, online that you offer.

I invite you, on April 16, 2014, to join  Sandi Krakowski and me for the ‘Facebook Ads Made Easy’ class.


Make it an awesome day, 

Jeremy Krakowski

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Director of Marketing & Media,
A Real Change International


PS… I ALMOST FORGOT! I’m currently working with some of the largest ad agencies in the country that do Facebook ads to see if we can get us a coupon that we can use for this class. This coupon will allow you to purchase your ads at a discounted rate and to test things out risk-free. No promises here, because I haven’t gotten any agreements yet, but we are working round-the-clock to get this for you because it’s important that you not only learn HOW to use these methods, but also impliment them IMMEDIATELY.