PR: A Real Change International Announces New CEO To Work Alongside President & Founder, Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski partners with a new CEO as her A Real Change companies explode into growth.

June 13, 2014—Sandi Krakowski, President and Founder of A Real Change International, Inc, Sandpaper Tablet, Inc and The Krak Haus, Inc is proud to announce the new addition of Jerry Niswander as CEO over the three corporations. Krakowski will maintain her position as President and Founder and will continue in her role as visionary creating products, working with large and small corporations, and paving a strong path into the tech industry.  

Jerry Niswander is the former Managing Director of Jesus Culture. He is also the President and Founder of Rylan Records. An astute businessman known for his ability to lead teams, manage all aspects of business, and create enormous growth in the endeavors he manages, he is a welcomed asset to the team.

The A Real Change companies have seen historic growth in their organizations, with a client base of more than 1.8 million customers. Krakowski herself has more than 850,000 people interacting with her daily through her social media channels.

A Facebook Marketing Expert, regular columnist in Entrepreneur.com, Forbes Top 20 Social Media influencer, Krakowski is no stranger to the online world, working more than 18 years with 12 successful companies. She recently commented on the addition of Niswander to the team,

“It is now time for me to go into larger sectors with our companies. We’re releasing software, working with large corporations as well as small businesses, musicians and even governmental candidates on their social media.  This is the next step to even more growth and even more ways to serve the growing small business community.”

The A Real Change companies are excited because of the new partnership that has been created. Niswander’s skills are just what the corporations need during the current state of growth they are experiencing. His track record makes him the top candidate to lead the companies into a phase of development and expansion. Krakowski and her team believe that this new change will bring great success to the brand.

For more information on the A Real Change companies, you can visit http://www.arealchange.com

Media contact:  Holly Krakowski holly@arealchange.com