A Real Change TV Episode # 26-

A VERY personal topic, from my heart to yours

Introduction from Sandi-

Today I'm taking a risk….. on our A Real Change TV show I'm revealing to you a dangerous enemy that is prowling around and destroying innocent victim's lives! You must be on guard or you could be next.
Please know, I am not being sensational, esoteric or fictitious! I have your best interest at heart and with that, I've taken a big risk talking about a topic that far too many people shy away from.
You've seen this enemy in mentors online!
You've seen it on the television!  
It's prowling around social media, in the news and in classrooms filled with children.  Please, take just 8 minutes and get into a quiet place. This is critical.  We have some serious things to talk about today.
ALWAYS with love,

Sandi Krakowski 

Today's episode will cover a topic that is very personal. It's something I've seen raging it's way through businesses left and right and sifting things to the ground, if we're not careful.

How do we handle this enemy?  Above all things, we must be aware of what we're fighting. 

In today's episode I am going to reveal to you a destructive force that would love to destroy everything you're doing in business. But don't worry, there is the good news. If you are aware of this tormenting enemy, you can not only overcome it, you can DESTROY it with just a few quick tips.

Listen in as I share how to use these tips in your business AND in your life daily. I'm also giving you information on a SPECIAL 1-Hr Call we're hosting with my colleague and head coach here at A Real Change, PJ McClure.  Grab your pen and paper and take good notes!  Don't forget to write down the date of this special call we're having, that will be absolutely free to you!

Let's get started!