HOW do you do it? Is there a secret key?! 

What an honor it is to impact people every single day through business!

As I began to blog and we built this company back in 2009, my main "Mode Of Operating" was to be honest, authentic and real. There's no other way to be, if you are really going to build a business and a life. That included sharing things about family, finances, fitness, health, diet, business, marketing, copywriting, mindset, faith and more! In today's culture of business online, and write this down… 

All Things Are Relevant

Because I've homeschooled for 23 years (One year left!) and have also built businesses alongside of this kind of lifestyle, so many people want some help on how to keep things moving forward. It's an honor to be looked to for some encouragement, help and support. It's really lacking in so many places today where people used to be able to turn for such training or support, such as within the family, the church or even in a local neighborhood.

Social Media Has Become The "New Neighborhood" 

Gone are the days when people would share things over a fence or in a backyard, now people connect on Facebook and Twitter! I'm honestly very grateful for this because if we all had to depend on people being 'different' and connecting with their neighbors, many of you would be very lonely.

When a young parent or a beginning business owner asks me the BIG question of "How do you do it all?!" I always have to throw them a lifeline and bring them back to the boat of reality. My question back is always something like, "Who said I do it all in the first place?"

Behind a very big business are many people who support, uphold and help me do what we do every day. We have client care teams, a tech team, there's a video team, billing department, ad campaign management and a graphics specialist. We have someone whose entire job is to help me stay on track and assist me in my daily, weekly and monthly activities. Then there's the printers, publishers, server guys who make sure all 7 racks of server space are being managed and MORE! Local people who help clean the house, manage the laundry and run errands I might need… so I can do what I love to do at home- COOK and enjoy my family!

It wasn't always that way…. my first 'support expense' was an assistant and she was hired just 5 hours per week. I remember the sheer terror of wondering if I could support her paycheck! It didn't take long before I realized that the things I didn't have to do gave me more time to do the things that made the most money in my company…. and the stress relieved from trying to do it all paid me more than I could ever have imagined.

Then a personal assistant who helped with laundry and cleaning a few times per week. She was making great money as she went to a local college, I was left with a nicely cleaned home and laundry done, no stress when I walk out of my home office, so I could cook, enjoy my family or just relax with a book if I wanted!

Each step took time, it didn't all happen over night….and I remember when I used to secretly envy women with a life that was much more elaborate then mine, much more 'put together' that it seemed like they were invincible. Every single time invincibility was not the case, getting help was. Moral of the story- GET SOME HELP! 🙂 

Here are a few inexpensive support tools you can use today to help you, as the CEO of your business-

1.  Make sure you're eating as healthy as possible. Listen, you want to make more money and it takes the EXACT same discipline to eat healthy as it does to focus on business. Eating right creates more energy, less sick days and better sleep and sex.

Support your business by supporting you!

2. Get the sleep you need. It might seem admirable and exciting when someone works all night, does nothing but business 24/7 and then they tell everyone that their "Overnight Success Of No Sleep And No Life" paid off… but the fact of the matter is, no one is an overnight success. And your life will NOT wait for you as you build your dream.

Behind every so called overnight success is a lot planning and experience.

Do yourself a favor and start treating your business like you would any other high paying career.

Imagine if Facebook called you today and wanted to fly you into their corporate headquarters. They offered you all expenses paid moving and travel for you and your entire family. You would be paid $175 per hour. The key was, you had to be consistent and you had to be hard working, everyday.  Would the way you showed up for that job be exactly how you are showing up for your online business that has the potential to pay you that over and over again plus some?

Start taking your business serious and give your body the rest it needs to operate at the top of your game!

3.  Hang out with the right people.  If you have Negative Nellies dragging you down, do anything and everything you can to get around more Positive People on a daily basis!  Social Media MIGHT just be the answer to that! Funny, isn't it? That we "Like, Follow and Comment" only people we like and enjoy the most on Facebook and Twitter? That's  a clue!

Get new friends. Be 100% with you. Put healthy boundaries up and be confident in what you are doing to make changes in your life!

Is there a secret key?

Or maybe a 12 step plan that I can give you so that everything in your life changes?

There is one big linchpin.

ONE bigger than the rest.  

Stop thinking about it, studying it, dreaming about it, Facebooking about it and talking about it on Twitter. Here's what your next step is….. MAKE A DECISION and then follow through. You know what that means. NOW.. .it's time! The HOW will follow you when you MAKE the choice to change!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski