Smartphone Shopping Changes More Than Just The Online Marketing World!

The world of shopping as we know it is changing!

In my 15 years of working online with everything from eCommerce stores to Marketing Firms to Copywriting and more… I've NEVER seen such a dramatic shift in how business is done outside of the eCommerce boom!

Do you remember when the fascination began of being able to shop online?

The days of Overture as the best search engine of it's time and Netscape was the browser of choice! Stores that customarily did all of their business in malls and face to face were now offering their items through something called an eCommerce Platform. It was fascinating!

But that wasn't the biggest news….. small Mom and Pop shops began to break in on the scene. And this said "Mom" moved into the kitchenware realm in the 1990's when big booming stores were struggling for sales! My personal touch and tag line of, "If it isn't in my kitchen I won't put it in my store" made me one of the biggest competitors they had ever seen with items that used to only be sold through exclusive brick and mortar dealers.

Well…. it's happening again! The Smartphone Shopping BOOM is here!

Below are some of today's best headlines for you to enjoy!  

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Today's Best Headlines For Smartphone Shopping And The App Driven Culture

Daily Deal Media reports that Smartphone Shopping Dramatically Improves In-Store Sales: eMarketer

The debate around "showrooming" continues. Do brick and mortar retailers really need to feel threatened by showrooming?  Read full article here 

Seniors Enjoy Smartphone Shopping Too!

There's no doubt a smartphone can be a useful device for just about anyone and that includes the elderly! Read how more seniors are now using their smartphones for shopping!   Read full article here 

In South Korea, virtual shopping has never been more popular! No products, just images you scan and have delivered! 

Check out why Smartphones are required, but products are optional!  Read full article here