Social Media The Fun Way 4-Hr CD Set & Spiral Bound Workbook!

Stop bothering people, intruding in their day and build solid, long lasting relationships with your customers the easy, fun way!

Dear Business Owner,

We sent out a survey last week asking where you struggle in the area of marketing on Social Media.  More than 750 of you gave us your help!

The information that came in was not only very revealing, but it also made it very clear where so many of you are struggling.

So many of you are trying to build a business the long hard way and I'd love to lead you through some simple processes that will help you make more money and build deeper relationships with people in a very natural, simple way!

What you'll learn:

  • Increase your followers in minutes!
  • Get people to reply to you with every post
  • Learn to get RT's on all your Tweets
  • Don't sound salesy at all and sell more of your products/services
  • How to talk to people everyday in less than 30 minutes a day
  • Find great connections and your ideal client simply
  • Learn simple tips for "like" or personal profile usages on Facebook
  • When to mention your product
  • When NOT to mention your product
  • How to write a sales pitch that doesn't look like it's salesy
  • Create a survey online
  • Never intrude on anyone
  • Get some of the Gurus following you

And so much more I can't list it all!

But before I go any further….  here are your results. This is what our live tele-class will be based upon. You gave me input that I know I can help with because of the more than $ 600,000 in profits we've earned in the last 10 months through social media alone AND the tens of thousands we've added to our list….. never begging, never intruding and without breaking the bank– all of the tips I'll give you can be done for little to no money!

Here are some of the results:

Question 1- When you use Facebook for business, what is the sticking point for you?

Don't know what to say- 11.8%

Don't want to sound salesy- 25.6%

Unclear how to use my profile page vs fan page- 20.8%

All of the above- 56.2%

Question 2-When using Twitter for business, where do you get lost?


Not sound salesy- 11.8%

Talking to people everyday- 24.7%

Finding good connections- 29.2%

All of the above- 49.4%


Question 3- When running a marketing campaign through social media, where is your biggest stumbling point?

I mention the product/sale too often – 10.9%

I don't mention the product/sale enough- 36.2%

I feel like I'm intruding on people- 63.4%

I don't believe in my product- 2.6%

Question 4- If you could learn a way to talk to people effortlessly through Facebook and Twitter, and they loved to hear from you, would you want to learn this process?

Yes- 97.6%

No- 0.3%

Maybe- 2.7%

When marketing on Facebook, knowing what to say is everything. Let me teach you how to study your 'ideal client' online and learn to speak their language. This is critical for building strong relationships with your customers and prospects.

One of the biggest mistakes people make online is when they are only seeking to market and sell and don't build long term trusting relationships. Anyone can build a list but we want to build a tribe, a culture and a lasting customers who are happy!

When marketing on Twitter, because it is a totally differently culture and 'way of speaking' than Facebook, you'll want to be sure you speak according to that culture. On this call, I'll teach you how to 'text' on Twitter to the point that people are re-tweeting nearly everything you say!

Find connections that are long lasting and make great friends while you're at it!

Social media is about relationships FIRST! This is why "fakers" don't last and direct response marketers who just want to collect data, get opt-ins and build their list won't either!

Gone are the days of 'networks we can brag about' and building our Rolodex to prove our worth! Now, it's important to have friendships with your customers and deep connections that last. Who wants to rebuild their list with every product launch? is one of the best examples of this anywhere. Customers are like family- sales are enormous! They use Twitter and Facebook to create great brand loyalty but first and foremost, to build great relationships.

Starbucks and Oprah have some of the biggest followers lists on the entire internet today! And it's NOT about marketing, are you loyal to our brand and will you tell everyone about us. It's about listening, interjecting, connecting with their audience and in turn, they are HONORED with brand loyal fans and those who talk about them non-stop!

We have personally earned more than $ 600,000 in ONE YEAR through Facebook and Twitter alone! Let me show you HOW!

Sandi Krakowski #socialmediathefunway

Now in CD Format With A Spiral Bound Workbook!

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