The Changing Face Of Social Media In 2013

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Facebook Open Graph & Engagement 

Facebook has made continual changes during the last 12 months that will drastically change how business is done, forever.  With the Timeline changes leading the way, we then saw how promoted posts and sponsored stories were a necessary tool for businesses to prosper!

Now, Facebook Open Graph Search creates a demand that will cause more than 50% of businesses using Facebook pages to lose their way

The Cost Of Engagement

Open Graph Search is driven by many factors but the most critical one to understand is how a business pages engagement score will steer everything! If you're NOT using #Hashtags (which we taught in October of 2012, predicting they would make their way to Facebook!) it will be harder than ever for people to find you. Creating content that connects with your audience, along with engagement is more critical than ever!  

What is engagement?  

Comments, replies, interaction and sharing. In plain ENGLISH: It's the people on your page having a relationship with you. This is where MOST businesses miss it. Facebook is not your billboard! It's a place of interaction that is replacing a lot of client care, customer support and 'the missing help' on most websites!

 Sandi Krakowski InstaGram

InstaGram For Business

Alot of people use InstaGram for personal fun and usage, never even thinking about the potential that it holds with Google Search, Facebook Open Graph and how business is done in a mobile-driven social media culture.  NOW InstaGram becomes a place where people can SEE you.  

Spying has never been so popular online! Give them something to enjoy! 

 If you had your business doors open in a brick and mortar from 9-5pm and people could come experience your culture, what would they see? Remember when you would just go 'window shopping' and if you were going to make a purchase you'd drive to the store of your choice to see how it 'felt' to do business there? THIS is a great way to look at InstaGram for business. 

Sandi Krakowski Social Media Expert

Twitter Promotions, Ads And Vine

Next up in the big change move for online businesses comes the "Powerhouse Of Social Media" who really changed it all for us in 2006. Little did we know that doing business by text, the model Twitter is driven by, would demand a change in customer service, management and even HR!  

Think of VINE like a tweet gone LIVE!  

With just 6 seconds to record your video, the average tweet could even be read aloud! Show me your office. Give me a tip! Inspire me! Do a mini-commercial.

Those 8-12 second commercials we see on YouTube, Hulu and everywhere else are making millions of dollars for the brands that purchase them. What could YOU do with a fast video?  

Ads and promotions on Twitter are very strategic. If you could have Twitter pick followers who need what you offer for you and then promote your top tweets to your IDEAL clients, would it be worth it to you?

HINT: Go through our Social Media Cash Conversion class before you do ads or promotions on Twitter to save money and make it worth your while. 


#HashTag #Mastery

Hashtags have come a long way baby! To this date many businesses still don't know how to correctly use hashtags. Learn first hand how they were created and how 2013 IS THE  YEAR that hashtags take on a whole new face!  Here's a POWERFUL free training on how to USE Hashtags we did. "Hashtags For Business."   

Hashtags Go Beyond Twitter Into Google Search, Facebook Spidering and More!

Hashtags are keywords, topics, ideas and more! If you do some #hashtag research every single day you'll find a goldmine! Use yours wise, use them regularly! HashTags are KEY component to businesses succeeding in social media!



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Featured in Forbes magazine For Facebook Marketing Expertise!

Facebook Marketing is one of the best ways I know of to market your business and find your ideal client to serve.

Recently Forbes magazine contacted me because I'm in the running as one of the TOP Social Media Influencers for 2013 in the world. What an honor it has been! Haydn Shaughnessycontacted me and interviewed me on how we've been able to grow our Facebook business page from 10,000 to 100,000 in just one year!

Here's the article! Feel free to comment on the article and let them know how our trainings are helping YOUR business! It's great exposure for all of you!

This is just a 'sneak peek' of what we're teaching here at A Real Change International, Inc! It's an HONOR to serve over a million clients through our website! Thank you!

We love you guys! 

Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Expert