Weekly Wrap Up, April 20, 2012


Happy Friday to you!

Another week has gone by! How are you doing?

During the last week we talked about Opt In Offers and how to stop creating indigestion. Then PJ McClure gave some amazing advice on how to stop bouncing and finish what you start! We touched on how important our thoughts out, beginning with the first thought of the day. Then we touched on making sure the back doors are locked in your office! Let's close the week out with the topic of producing more in our business.

Do you want to create more money, gain better clients and have more pieces of your life just 'fit into place' almost magically? Here's a tip- Be very cautious how you are with others.

It's surprising to me how many people are faithful when they want money but then they fade off quickly. They'll work a job consistently and even 'play a role' for a paycheck, but then their devotion fades and they act like it's no big deal when they start coming in late, taking longer lunches and missing important commitments.

Our readers are working hard to build a business. Here's a BIG tip– you will REAP what you sow. You will receive back whatever you plant, 100 fold. 

Have you struggled with trying to increase your pay? Wondered why you just can't make things happen? Check how you've been treating others. It could be that you cut off the fruit of your labor with your careless commitments or behavior.

We're not victims, we don't subscribe to the status quo of 'it's not fair.' The truth is, how we treat others comes back to us. How we get careless with others, creates careless around us. When we are faithful, we also receive a reward.

"To whom much is given, much is required."  Luke 12:48

Don't think for one minute that a big business comes on a silver platter and it's all a piece of cake. That is far from the truth and is marketed to people who want a quick fix and are lazy. That is not your focus.

If we want to build a blog, serve others, create financial independence for ourselves and live the life of our dreams, we're gonna have to dig our feet in and really pay careful attention to how we treat others. Take notes on how we follow through and when we merely 'play a role' to get what we want. 

Today, let your focus be on improving your game.

When little is given to you, be grateful, be faithful and don't take people or your business for granted. When you learn a new skill, get better at it, be faithful, stay on track and if you make mistakes (which we all do) be humble and make it a valuable lesson towards more growth.

Wrap up this week with a commitment to being the BEST that you can be, irregardless of what those around you do. That my friends, is how business that is very different than anything else in the marketplace is born!

You mean the world to us! Have a great day and an amazing weekend!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski