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Be warned. My article today is not politically correct. As a matter of fact it is a topic that stirs up all kinds of reactions and responses whenever anyone addresses it. Today I am discussing two topics:

  • WHY are women still underpaid in their career despite the many attempts to abolish gender inequalities
  • WHAT holds women back when applying for a job alongside men
This is NOT an article with an agenda to fight men, badger them or any of that old school nonsense. This is not an article with a victim mindset or a whining dissertation about lack, struggle and apathy in the work force. This IS an article that addresses some of these issues in a way that very few have the courage or understanding for.
We are looking at religion, the stronghold on women in the corporate world and the assault on our nation, home and more!
If you dare, my article can be found here at Entrepreneur Magazine! I welcome your comments!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
Sandi Krakowski