WORD FOR TODAY: November 24, 2014 8:45 pm CST regarding the events in Ferguson, MO

As someone who has been noted as one of the most powerful social media influencers in the world, and one who has been called by God to stand on this platform, I feel a moral obligation to say something. I feel an obligation to the world to speak the KINGDOM into this situation that has just occurred in #FERGUSON. Here are the words that I believe God would have me to release.

We live in a generation that is different than any other generation we have ever encountered before, in the history of mankind. We are able to communicate globally with a smartphone through social media, and we are able to connect with one another in real time, in seconds, over any matter, at any time of day, in any time zone. NEVER before in the history of this great world that we live in, the world that God created, have we ever had this kind of power, communication and influence before. We have been entrusted with this ability to influence, express our opinions, speak freely with our mouths, and release words into the atmosphere.

As one who has been called to this realm of media and who God has allowed to become a global influencer, I will say this: Use your words wisely. Life and death is in the power of our tongues. We can tear people down and we can lift people up with one word. And now, in this generation, more than any other generation before us, we are globally connected in real time, through social media. I urge you, I exhort you and I admonish you to use your mouth, your words, and your emotions wisely on this platform. For it has a global power and influence greater than ever before in our history. 

I SPEAK LIFE into this situation. I speak HOPE into this situation. I ask you Holy Spirit to COME to us now. We need you so desperately! Give us courage, wisdom and help at this time, Lord. And give us wisdom to use our words, our mouths and this platform, social media, wisely. In Jesus Name. MY FRIENDS… use your power wisely. #BEMORE  

With love,

Sandi Krakowski