Break the Rules and Live! How to Live The Life You Want Now!

If you are pursuing money as the answer to your dreams you are masking a bad habit of laziness. The reality is this: A man making $ 50,000 a year who works 10 hour per week is wealthier, living in prosperity, when compared to the man who makes $ 500,000 per year and has to push it to the limit on 70 hours per week.

The all elusive dream of retirement and finally being able to do what we want is a myth that has buried many in a local cemetery and left their families with debt from the efforts to live the life when I finally retire still going on.

When faced with the notion of death many times people will ask themselves the fear inducing question that everyday normal healthy people should be asking themselves every morning, “What is it that I want to do with my life?” And if the only motivator you have for work is to pay your bills and hope to play a little with some of the leftover, quit your job now and just live on the streets- you might have more fun anyways.

Even self-employed business owners are falling prey to the programmed message that to become a millionaire will answer all of your problems and it’s worth it to just sacrifice your family, your health, and your livelihood for a few years to have dreamy mornings in some chalet in Greece for years to come. Sad reality is many never make it to the chalet and many never even live to fulfill their dreams with their families. The increased house debt, the bigger, faster, cooler car and the increased spending account all in the name of growing the business takes over faster than a bad case of the flu until sick and tired is not a figure of speech. The deepest craving in the heart and mind of many business owners is simply the ability to sleep until they wake up. Some if able to do this might break a Guinness Book record going for days because of their insane push beyond the limits marathons. If security cameras were to give a glimpse of how many executives sleep at the office at least a ½ dozen times per year we might be able to really tap into the reality of the ‘chase the dollar’ dream.

So what is the answer? Break the rules. March to a different drum. Ignore the lies that say if you don’t work at least 60 hours you really aren’t a successful business owner. Learn to do what you do now in ½ the time. An interesting study revealed that most companies pay their employees for 40 hours of work when in reality only 15 hours of production was being accomplished. So that means that the typical corporation is giving a salary or hourly wage for 25 hours of distraction, confusion and time wasting. Could this in itself be the reason that anti-depressants are on the rise more than ever? Could the reality that we all have A.D.D., we all have more information than we can handle, we have more tasks than hours, we have more month than money, we have more than we can handle in our pursuit of more?

I propose you attempt a simple experiment in the area of your life that you believe would fall apart if you removed yourself. Now maybe your boss wouldn’t be overjoyed if you just all of a sudden started showing up only 15 hours per week but what if you made a choice to answer email only 1 time per day. What if you put your cell phone into your dresser drawer ( and turn it off for crying out loud!) and made yourself a promise to not return any messages even, for one week. Imagine if you chose to go to be early every night for the next 7 days, or if you tend to be the kind of person who sleeps their anxiety away made a choice to go to the gym for 7 days for 30 minutes, go to the pool for 5 days, go play golf 3 times this week, do something that you think it totally impossible! If you are really daring and really want to break the rules book a weekend trip with your lover to an exotic island for 3 days, just 3 long glorious no checking email, no cell phone, no interaction with anyone else days. Leave on a Friday red eye late at night and come back on Sunday at the same time. Who cares if you are afraid of being tired on Monday morning- you might shock yourself. All that good weather, good environment, good fun with your mate could give you more energy than you ever dreamed possible and you won’t even care if you sleep on Sunday night. Just breaking the rules will make you feel like a criminal and the good part is, it’s totally legal!

Break the rules and live is created for those who have had enough, won’t settle for less and are willing to live differently so that they can live now, rather than later. Be good to yourself- you deserve it! It’s this same mindset that put me in the TOTALLY FREE category of 100% debt free in under 3 years! Chase your dreams- and one day, they’ll be chasing you!

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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