Let’s Work Together In 2015- You Game? 2015 update and coaching opportunities!

Your Goals- MY Focus In 2015 

I’m sitting here in my living room in Indiana, sipping some KrakHaus Brand Snickerdoodle coffee that was french pressed in my beautiful kitchen. For the last 4 years this has been where I have started my day, talking to God, praying over my day, and getting ready for all that awaits me. On this particular Saturday, however, I’ve got two emotions running through my heart- super excited and super nervous. HA! Have you ever been there?

On Monday, our movers will arrive and Alan and I will make the last trek of our corporation relocation to the Kansas City, MO downtown area. All of our other staff are already there, they made their moves during the last few months. Now it’s my turn. PHEW! Indiana has been so good to us. We moved her in 2006 after Alan lost his job at General Motors Corporation in the Detroit metro area. I was a copywriter, working with a few exclusive clients every month and he was a design engineer. GM was Alan’s dream job that he prayed for in high school and college. Long story short, it was a very scary time for us when he lost that job. But God opened work for Alan in Indiana and we relocated from our birthplaces in Michigan. Through the next 4 years Alan would sadly see layoffs again, find new work, and then be put into a situation of having to decide between relocation AGAIN, or come work with me at A Real Change International, Inc. I am so grateful he took MY proposal and accepted the position to come work with us! He now runs our HR department and it is our absolute pleasure to enjoy every single morning together, many ‘mini catch ups’ during the day and really, just doing life together- work, family and more. 

Next week, we will relocate again, but this time because of a very specific 4 hour encounter that I had with God and direction I received on what would happen in the downtown KC area. I know with my entire being that I was prompted to be there. I chose to obey and here we go!

To say I am excited is an understatement. To say I am nervous is also an understatement! But this one thing I do know: when I feel like this, God is up to something BIG!

I’m excited to meet with a new team of neurosurgeons, people at Mayo Clinic and to see how God and the doctors will continue to bring restoration to my body. I have a BIG report for you!  I am 50% stronger than I was last month! And the pain seems to be leaving me more every single day. The only thing I can say is this: it feels like I’m walking OUT of dis-ease and into ease, the way God intended. My heart is convinced and I know GOD will heal me! He has done it before and He will do it again! You watch! You WILL HEAR me declare and report total healing! 

In December the Krakowskis will head to Hawaii for 2 solid weeks of R & R! Just what the doctor ordered! We rented a beach house that is just 200 feet away from the ocean and has it’s own private beach. I cannot wait! Recouping, resting and having fun with family is my favorite way to end one year and start another!

So, as I sat here this morning, crying really, looking at the 700,000 people who connect with me on Facebook alone and the 1.8 million who connect with me overall on social media, YOUR GOALS became my focus and what I began to pray about.

2015 will be an exciting year! 

We will hit the road in January for a book tour! Hitting the southern US and east coast states first (I need HEAT!), we will announce next month where you can meet us for The #BEMORE Book Tour! They got me a tour bus! Can you believe it?! I can’t wait to see your faces and meet in person!  

Jerry and I have also been meeting with the team and we have mapped out my coaching schedule as well. PAY ATTENTION PLEASE, as this is critical for you to see.

The “Small Business Made Simple” coaching group, which is 7 semesters long, is selling out fast! This class will run November 2014- July 2015. It is an exclusive opportunity to work with me and some other coaches for 7 semesters to make your first $50,000 in business!

My 2015 VIP Mastermind and One on One Coaching, which is a 12 month commitment will also be a focus of mine. This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to have me write your ads, critique and even rewrite your copy, help you map out your quarterly and yearly business plans and more. 15 people will have an opportunity to work with me in 2015 and it will be by application ONLY. My qualifications for this mentorship are very very strict. If you don’t have a profitable business, website, and social media presence already, this is not for you. The level of work that will be required from this group will be stricter than it has ever been before. But this one thing I do know, we will see some HUGE stories, as we’ve seen in 2014, of people doubling their income, adding $20k per month to their cash flow, launching into new markets and more! This level of coaching requires a significant financial and personal commitment. I will be doing all of the coaching in 2015, with some special guests who will appear throughout the year. The coaching will be one on one calls every month by phone with me, virtual masterminds and one in person 2- day mastermind in KC. Registration and submissions of applications will be in mid October.

This is what I want from all of you. If you are SERIOUS about your future and YOU want the kind of life that I have explained above- where you get to work with family, plan your vacations and your work time, make a decision THIS MONTH what your 2015 will look like.

Quit living by default and PLAN your 2015 as a successful entrepreneur does.

If you are ready to make your first $50,000 in business and you will commit to a 7 semester college-like course, which will cover ALL aspects of business and everything you will need to run a profitable small company, than get a seat in The “Small Business Made Simple” coaching group before it is too late!

If you already have a profitable business and you want me to work one on one with you every single month on the phone, meet with me live for an in person mastermind and you are SERIOUS about recreating your life and your business, than be ready to submit an application to me in mid-October. DO NOT MISS IT- there are only 15 spots and it will be very restricted who gets access to this.

If you want to work on only your social media with me, one month at a time, and want to know the latest of what is happening in that realm and how you can apply it to your small business, than enroll in my Inner Circle program

It’s time!

God is opening doors. There are jobs to be made, profits to create and lives to change! Will you partner with me to do your part and be your best!

I look forward to seeing you in one of my coaching programs. YOUR goals are my focus!

Please pray for safe travels for us next week and thank you so so much for all that you do and who you are. It’s such an honor to serve you.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski 

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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