Creating A URL And Domain Name That Is Unforgettable


Creating A URL And Domain Name That Is Unforgettable

By: Sandi Krakowski

When you make the choice to start your own company website one of the first things you'll need to do is create a URL for your business. This is where you'll send people and how you will be found through the search engines. 

The goal is simple. Come up with something that is easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to find. It can be keyword rich but it doesn't necessarily have to be. Better to be simple to spell and easy to remember than something that is keyword rich that most people can't remember and always forget how in the world it is spelled.

There are a few secret tips for selecting a good URL name that are very significant when it comes to creating a domain. This will help you to be sure that you make the best choice possible. 

1. Pick a name that reflects you, your message or your product. Many times people pick their name. My personal opinion on this is that if you are not a household name, are not in several magazines simultaneously and people aren't seeing your name all over the place on multiple channels it's not likely that starting out with your name is the best choice. 

When I built a business that generated over a million dollars in Network Marketing and Direct Sales I eventually did use my name as my domain URL. But this was only after my face was plastered on the cover of several magazines, was on a radio show, was being spread throughout the industry and had created some serious ripples. Prior to that it wasn't as significant.

A Real Change is what I desired in my life. It became my mission and passion for everyone I encountered. It stuck. We're using it today. 🙂  It's easy to remember, easy to spell and works well on all channels.

2. Pick a URL that is easy to spell. Years ago mis-spellings of names was used quite often to swipe traffic away from other sites. While I'm not saying this is ethical I am saying if you build a business that has enormous potential you don't want to lose customers or give your business clients away simply because of a mis-spelling.

For example, anything with a "Double Vowel" could be hazardous to your business. Unless it's super unique, don't use it. People will most likely mis-spell it. Even the word misspell would be a challenge as a URL because people would forget an "s" or add an extra one by accident.

Don't choose hyphens. This is an outdated practice and it's not looked upon favorably by Google or other search engines. Just because you put a – between two words, your name or a double vowel, this isn't going to help. Stay away from hyphenated URL's. 

My point of reference is looking at some of the best brands online. They aren't using hyphens so neither should we.

3. Don't use a word that is uncommon. Inner Resistance might seem unique to you but it's not the common term for Endurance. Fortitude or Forthright might be in your vocabulary but when you do a keyword research they're not common words used in searches.

To sustain is to be long lasting and to endure. The words "lasts forever" or "long lasting" or "sustenance" are not going to make good URL's. Even if they are words you use allot in your writing and in your Tag Line. MakeThingsLast.com would be remembered longer than "ThingsThatLastForever.com.  Say the URL out loud when you're considering it. If it takes a few seconds or you even hear a slight tongue twist, forget it. 

Say the URL out loud and then begin to spell the beginning. Does this work?  For example when we tell people we can be found at www dot a real change dot com, we'll oftentimes say that it's www dot a r e a l change dot com. Spelling out real. How does the URL you've come up with sound when spelled out or said aloud?

4. DO NOT take a big brand and think you'll create a spawn off without trouble. You have no time for lawsuits, headaches and legal battles. Just because you like the word Zappos doesn't mean you should create a website that is wezappo.com or even Zappola.com. Sure, this is a silly example but you get what I mean. The Best Selling Book "Delivering Happiness" could inspire you but don't go using the words MyDeliveringHappinessStory.com as your URL. That's a trademarked name. Don't mess with it.

Stay clear of trademarks. Stay on the look out for copyrighted material. Neither make good domain names. 

Pick a domain name that reflects you but don't be so overly descriptive that someone would easily misunderstand what you do. If you work at home that doesn't mean that the words 'at home' have to be in your URL. You might be misinterpreted and show up on searches that don't have anything to do with what you do or offer.

Be sure that your domain reflects your company name. Ideally, they should be the same. 

Avoid .org if you are a business. This is used by non-profit organizations. Don't use .biz and preferably not even .net. When using .net this is typically used by sites that are techie or internet related. The most common extension today is still .com. Unless there is something very unique in your branding and your company name don't try to be cute, unique or different. It will backfire.

Shorter is better. Remember that people need to be able to remember you. This is why for many of our names won't work as our URL. If it's easy to find you, spell your URL and get to your site this can go a long way towards bringing in organic traffic. 

Choose the right domain. One you'll be proud of for years to come. Choose one that reflects you well. Your results in marketing yourself online will get off to the best start with a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to spell.

Sandi Krakowski is a Mompreneur, Coach, Strategist & Mentor, Online Marketing Expert, Speaker, Writer, Copywriter. Mindset & Marketing For Small Biz Owners.  Her unique talent is as a "Back To Basics Step By Step Business" expert who currently serves more than 250,000 clients. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly. 

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Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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