Current Classes For May 2010

Give Me Just 59 Minutes
and You'll Have A

Working Website


Before you start your marketing, plan your business, build your list and start making an insane income you need one very important thing:
A website!
I can you get you started on the fast-track quicker than any other company online. AND your learn everything step-by-step that I use to earn and have used to build a million dollar empire!
I'm opening her "playbook" and sharing her secrets on Friday & Saturday, July 23 & 24th for a LIVE event at Rick Rickett's center- will YOU be there?

Dear new online business builder,

Do you have a dream of building an online business but are a tech neophyte?  Terrified of all the technical aspects it takes to run an online enterprise that could produce millions?


My name is Sandi Krakowski and I've been working online for the last 14 years. I've had 11 businesses that I've built to over $ 1.3 million dollars and my biggest success to date is $ 4.5 million. My clients have earned in excess of $ 28 million dollars because of the skill sets I've given them.


I'm here to help you make that dream come true.

Face it, there’s a lot of people out there who ‘claim’ they can help you set up a company website and get you running. But when the price is shown or the experience of the provider most offers becomes useless.

Until recently.

Now you can be in business, learn tips and strategies to build an enormous customer base and do it all at your own schedule, at your own pace, exactly as you want to.

Let me show you how.

WordPress is the tool that puts you into the drivers seat online in under 59 minutes. It’s a template that is like magic for the business owner just starting out.

To put it plainly, you push a button and you are in business! But far too many people start their business and get stuck along the way.

You can have pages, posts, public pages, private pages, membership entry points, categories for each ad campaign and more without ANY HTML training or experience.

WordPress has all that you need to create a website that is full featured and powerful!

It could quite possibly be the most universal publishing platform online that can be used by virtually anyone.

"Sandi, you've made what was overly complicated fun and exciting and something I can actually do on a daily basis!" Angela


It’s easy to share Twitter posts, add Flickr photos, aid a SocialVibe cause, and do lots more without touching any code.


In Just 59 Minutes You Can Create A Website Start To Finish For Profits
You learn step by step how to get free traffic,
better conversion, more cash!

If that wasn’t enough, WordPress is are designed to give you up-to-the-minute data about your visitors: how many there are, where they’re coming from, which posts are most popular, and which search engine terms are sending visitors to your blog.

WordPress lets you change your website, edit a post, change a page, add a graphic, plug in a opt in form and you can do it in minutes!

You can create graphics, plugins, everything you need for a company in under 59 minutes!

WordPress has a feature called “pages” which allows you to easily create web pages. For example, you could add an “about me” page with your biography, and a link to that page would be automatically added to your sidebar. You can even create an entire web site using pages on WordPress.com, with a custom home page and your blog as one of the sub-pages.

"I enjoyed attending the WordPress class a lot ~ it really helped to bring down some "imaginary barriers" I had placed in front of me with regard to setting up a professional and efficient blog. Ever since I have known you, you have had a special way of reaching people just where they are with your training techniques.  Your personal style also  made this task FUN for me.  You broke down the seemingly complicated into very understandable steps, and then added additional benefits on top.  I once was thinking of outsourcing this task…but am now re-prioritizing my outsourcing!"
God bless, Rita Canada

There is literally NO reason not to use it.

Unless of course you enjoy working with programmers who barely speak English, like to live in caves and love to charge $500 per hour to change anything.

This is a non- “Hard Code” business system anyone can use!

Question: What do YOU and some of the most influential people have in common?

Answer: They use WordPress.


Barack Obama

Dave Ramsey

Why do these most MAMMOTH sized companies in the world use WordPress!

Because it's easy to use, cost effective, they can hire the best of talent in the world through internet connections rather than overpriced university finder's fees.

Time Magazine



  • ebay
  • people
  • yahoo

WHY do they use it?

Because it's not complicated, simple to use, no proprietary system or "hard coding" involved!

Because in this pressing economy cutting of budgets and downsizing- you don’t need 10 employees and 3 tier 2 employees on budget to run your website any longer.

"Sandi after the last class I had profits of $ 300 per day to $ 400 per day in sales online!" Julie


You can edit anything in seconds!

It’s easy and fast  to edit. There is no need for“Hard Coding” or programmers whatsoever.

In this step by step course I'll get you on your way quickly to internet profits-
Course includes-
·       Running Your WordPress Site
·       Back office setup of plugins, tools & more for greater organic traffic
·       Listed in search engines quickly
·       Layout of pages
·       Creating an Opt in Form
·       How to email your clients
·       What to say to clients through emails
·       Plug in all social media channels
·       Gain followers quickly
·       Write copy that coverts fast
·       Increase profits with the latest tools online  
·       Building your house list so it becomes a huge asset!
and much more!

Quite frankly- there is

NO reason not to fail in business any longer!

Yours on the journey to success!

Sandi Krakowski


Don't DELAY!! Register today for a class for your business!   

WordPress I-  May 3 & 10, 2010

WordPress I– For the beginning business owner. We'll create a business site for you BEFORE you enter the class and then train you how to run your new business!  This is a 2-day class, 3 hour per class. Learn WordPress, Web Copy and More!    Click here for more info

Auto-Responders for Business-  May 4 & 11th, 2010  

Auto-Responder Magic- This is a 2-day class, 2 hours per class. Learn to write Auto-Responders that profit like MAGIC!  Click here for more info

Email Writing Expertise- May 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2010

Email Profits and Campaigns-  This is a 4 Day Class, 2 hours per class. Learn all the secrets about writing 6-figure campaigns through email! Click here for more info.

Register now! These classes will sell out!

How these classes are held-

Please review this page to see how this AMAZING Web Ex Environment works!!


Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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