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Dear business owner, author, speaker, writer, news network, corporation or quite frankly ANYONE who has a message that needs to get to the world-

The statistics on Facebook are astounding! 4.6 BILLION times per day the “like” button is clicked and people are expressing their opinions, their desires and more. It’s a marketers dream come true! NEVER before in history has direct response marketing been so real time. NEVER before have we been able to learn quickly what our ideal clients want and then serve them, instantly!

We had a call last month together and more than 50,000 PEOPLE have listened to the replay!  Since then, many changes have occured! Just for starters, more than 65,000 NEW PEOPLE have joined my Facebook page in the last 6 weeks.

If that wasn’t enough, our engagement rates have caused Facebook’s Business Operations Department to interview me, Mashable to take notice, CNBC to ask for help with a project and give my input and more!

If you are serious about marketing your product OR service through Facebook, I want to help!

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Join me for a 2 hour POWER PACKED FREE tele-class where I will reveal to you many of the changes that will affect you as a business owner.

Topics include: 

  • UPDATES on Facebook
  • HOW  to get the highest conversion out of photos on a page
  • WHEN to start increasing how often you post and WHY this is critical to continued engagement
  • WHY people aren’t seeing your posts and how you can get EVERYONE to come back to your page without ads
  • WHY most pages only have a 5% engagement rate and how to raise that to 50-90% engagement in under 60 days
  • WHEN to stop using Facebook apps and do more on page posts and promotions
  • WHY most people on Facebook aren’t using a laptop anymore and what that means for you as a business page owner


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