Faith Works, At Work And God Wants To Impact Lives Through Business


Faith Works, At Work And God Wants To Impact Lives Through Business

PROPHETIC WORD for today: I hear and read a lot of quotes that say God is moving in the workplace. Many marketplace ministries have been formed to talk about GOD moving in business and in the realm where most people spend MOST of their day. But sadly, they all become parachurch organizations typically run by mostly men, and most of the people teaching or leading teach in the church or run ministries. All of this is good and I bless it! But, there is a SHIFT that is happening right now.

God is moving and HE WANTS agents who will go into the highest realms of commerce and bring heaven. Where you go, He goes, where you work, His Spirit comes. Bring life, help, answers, peace, and more! Bring tangible business skills that change economies and answer prayers! 

Do you believe GOD wants to transform cultures, impact nations and bring good to the world? When we begin to believe that God can take cities, internet realms and more, we're going to have to see a REAL change!

There's a big difference between operating in your gifts and fulfilling your call. One we can pretty much move forward and create on our own with 'what we've been given'. The other requires that we have daily dependence from God to go to where He has positioned us. We draw daily, we flow hourly and we abide inside the realm of power that only God can give.

A prophetic vortex is the perfect place to be when you're building a business. A vortex creates a situation that shifts cultures, changes atmospheres and if done as God has designed, could literally change history.  You're going to need divine help in that realm. It's when things happen that you CAN'T do on your own. 

It's not about getting a networking list of all the Christian business owners in the world together and exchanging services, it's about the faith based businesses in the world going INTO THE WORLD and bringing their services and changing the world for good! LOVING the world. INFLUENCING the world. Giving grace, healing, peace, wisdom to the world. Healing the sick in the workplace, casting out demons at work, increasing profits, blessing ungodly bosses and bringing them blessing, not cursings and seeing a RADICAL SHIFT and encounters with God we only used to read about in the 1800's!

Remember the Jeremiah Lanphiers and the RJ LaTourneau's? They didn't have church meetings gathering a bunch of believing business owners talking about what it's like to impact culture, they DID THE WORK. They went into the major corporations of their generation and they BUILT the major corporations that changed everything for everyone! 

So what is a prophetic vortex, you might be asking, and how do I get inside of one? Keep reading…

A vortex is by it's very nature fluid. It keeps moving. It's alive and it's fresh. It's authentic, natural and constantly changing. Some call it a whirlwind. When we operate in the prophetic within this realm, we see all kinds of happenings occuring that the 'average' business owner most likely won't be asked to write for Forbes Magazine about, yet it will create results that make every magazine worldwide take note of. 

A prophetic vortex is where all that is heavenly exists and where that which is not must leave. It's where things are birthed, growing and propelling forward. Quite frankly, it's a very powerful place to be. I pray all of you who are reading this right now would really get a revelation what it could mean for your business. 

When God has equipped you with a message for this world, He will put you into a metron, ie a place of influence, where there are angels assigned to help you fulfill your role and your purpose. If anything, this should give you enormous courage and endurance, because it's not all falling on you anymore. Oh.. and it comes with Defenders as well, who are assigned to make sure that nothing stops you. Angels on assignment whose main goal is to make sure you fulfill your destiny!

God desires that we would live, move and breathe in all that He has given us.

He desires that we would rule geographic areas, spiritual territories and even realms on online where prophetic and apostolic vortexes exist so that whenever people encounter these areas they can't HELP but be changed into the people they were designed to be! That my friends, brings about a real change in every area of life! What if people became who they REALLY are? Their awesome self, when they encountered YOUR business? What if weak people became STRONG when they encountered you?! What if sick people became well, and depressed people got filled with JOY?!?

Imagine if you have a gift shop, a brick and mortar business, where when people come into your metron they are forever changed. Their sadness is changed to hope; their weariness is refreshed and their answers are given to them from heaven, simply because they are there, at your store! The angels minister among the aisle way and lives are changed! The same thing can happen in an online positioning, where people are 'woke up' and changed forever. It is a GOOD thing to pray for God to bring an apostolic and a prophetic vortex over your business!

What if there was an answer to all you lack? 

What if as you did your Facebook advertising and your Search Engine Optimization you were given helps and insights into things you could never know apart from God and you soared to the top of the business world because of it? 

Now remember, God expects you to USE your talents. He expects you to GROW what He has given you. To not do so is akin to wickedness and laziness.  THAT is a serious warning! The outcome is NOT good.  Matthew 25:26.

We are in a time RIGHT NOW when we are going to see entire cultures changed because business owners surrender their hearts and lives to God and the prophetic vortex over their business makes them unstoppable!

What if God has designed that He wants to TRANSFORM a culture through your business and you're still whining and complaining about how hard writing a headline is? Would it make you want to push yourself harder and move forward, outsourcing where you need to, so that you could do what God has called you to do? 

I wonder how many people would get past their excuses if they got a revelation of the future that they are assigned to, and what the measure of their influence would become if they simply took God at His word and did what He has called them to do? Let's stop wondering.

My friends, we need business owners operating in a prophetic vortex. The time is now. God needs YOU to do your part! 

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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