How To Build The Right Business- Follow Your Passion

How To Build The Right Business

What if your business isn’t really your passion- then what?

Every week PJ and I have the honor of leading clients in our "Your Best Business Coaching Program". These classes have been enormously beneficial to our students. Results pour in everyday!

  • Charlotte closed 67 coaching clients in her first product launch!
  • Angela has become the top recruiter in her company for the third month in a row!
  • Gina has more public relations opportunities opening up than ever before!
  • Peggy has her own TV show  
  • Steve made it to 6-Figures!
  • Tiffany paid cash for a car!
  • Jimmy increased his income 78%  
  • Melissa added 890 people to her Facebook page and made $ 3400 profit!  
  • Kayla had a $4500 month on just 12 hours per week!
……. and more!

Occasionally the students who come through our classes discover that it might not be in their best interest to continue pursuing the niche they began with. They are pursuing a dream of owning their own business, working from the comfort of their home…. but they end up choosing a product that supposedly sells well rather than following what they are really passionate about. 
Isn't this the path that many people also choose when they go to college?
Or worse yet, they pursue a 'career' that has classes that they know they would enjoy but on the other side of the degree there is NO demand in the marketplace for the skill they have now acquired?

When pursing your passion and finding a business that is in perfect alignment with it, always remember that if it's not marketable, there's no demand and no one even knows what it is, it's not likely to pay you as a business.

However…. if you have a passion for something that is very common, a great way to go into business is to have something common but unique. Can you apply a unique spin and application to it? Then you'll find yourself in the driver's seat of a great opportunity!

If you love to read and love to discuss books with others, a great business might be in connecting book readers from all over the world to connect virtually and share insights and friendships much like the traditional reading and quilting clubs work in local regions. Open a business account with book publishers or create an affiliate account with Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and you can be a one-stop shop for reading, connection, book reviews, insights and online friendship. Add a Facebook Group as well and you could, if the marketing is done right, have a great business model with a continuity program attached to it.

Or maybe create a website where you write about, review and recommend the best apps for the month in a specific category like fitness, business or personal time management! A mom could review grocery shopping apps…a teen could do college help apps or apps that keep them focused!
Love to help 'fix' a common follow-through problem people have? My friend Chalene Johnson of Turbo Kick has  created a great company helping people to follow- through with their workouts and their fitness goals.  Chalene is the support and safety net helping thousands of people reach their goals!  
What do you love to help with, fix or increase follow-through in?

Do you have a passion and a dream? Something that is a huge part of who you are and what you do? 

Several years ago I was asked this question, “What would you do if you never got paid for it?” My answer was writing and teaching, helping people to go farther in life. Then I was asked, “Writing and teaching what?” 
My next answer was the specific step by step processes of running a company online that generates 7-8 figures. Then this company was born.   When I stepped out.. just three years later there are hundreds of thousands of people doing business with us. I’ve never looked back and now have the business of my dreams.

Ask yourself these valuable questions when it comes to pursuing the business of YOUR dreams:
  • Does everyone refer to you for something?
  • Are you always talking about something?
  • Are you always caught doing something with all of your free time?
  • What is it you are passionate about?
  • What would you do if money was not an issue and you’d never even get paid for it?

The answers you come up with could lead you to a life in business you never even thought of before.
I'll close with this- When we change the way we think (I need a business to earn more money) and we open our heart and mind to new things (I could do what I already love and earn an income) this is where your 7 figure business is waiting to be started.  

Want some support as you look for what your dream business could be?

The world is waiting for you. I hope to see you on the call!  
With love,
Sandi Krakowski


Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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