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NOTE: My multi-million dollar Inner Circle is done completely from my home.

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This two-day event will be exclusively for 10 people only. The entire event will be recorded. You’ll be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and will keep all of your fellow attendees trade secrets confidential. 5 seats are already taken!

This is the HIGHEST LEVEL of mentoring in a group on this topic Sandi has ever offered. Take it serious!

Event details:

  • Friday and Saturday, January 24 & 25th
  • 9:00-3:30 pm with a working lunch each day
  • In our Phoenix offices and private location
  • Cost: $5995.00 per person
  • 10 5 PEOPLE ONLY!!!!

Growing membership sites can be HARD! Especially with people joining and cancelling every single month. But there are simple strategies that you can put into place to retain members, create fresh content every single month and keep people engaged and committed.

I’ve been building memberships for more than 10 years now and have discovered EXACTLY how to keep it over the $1 million dollar mark without a lot of hassle, extra staff, finances, advertising or work from me!

My Inner Circle has grown from something that generated thousands of dollars to over $1.5 million since 2012. YOU can do this too, but trust me, it’s not for everyone.  Sure, everyone’s dreaming about a big business but VERY FEW PEOPLE will do what it takes. For some odd reason, people like a lot of busy work. So odd. I prefer to build something that I enjoy, my customers love, and that I can do it from home.

NOTE: My multi-million dollar Inner Circle is done completely from my home. If I do any videos at the office, it’s not because I had to, but frankly, because I wanted to. I’ve done this membership content all over the world. It has NEVER slowed me down.  This is why I’ll ONLY work with 10 people at my upcoming event.

You are invited…. but you must fill out an application. It is ONLY for someone who is already building a business and making money. I don’t care if you only made $25,000- that’s fine. Or less! But it’s not for beginners. 

At this exclusive event you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a lead generation funnel that people sign up and close themself with (no phone time!)
  • What to say so that people go through the entire funnel
  • How to attract the right clients and help them to make the buying decision
  • What kind of sales pages WORK and what will faith for a membership site
  • How to create content that people are begging you to pay for
  • The key to get the LOWEST MERCHANT RATE possible for a merchant site
  • Keeping your chargebacks super low
  • Refund policies and more
  • Where to create worksheets, templates and where to leave it out
  • The best equipment on a budget under $500 to generate millions of dollars with
  • How to record your videos for the best result
  • Dos and Donts when creating video and audio content
  • How to determine if you should offer audios and transcripts
  • Membership sites- the BEST ADVICE that will save you thousands of dollars
  • Recurring payments that keep coming in secrets
  • How to get people to refer you to their friends
  • Keeping yourself on track and fresh with content creation
  • What you absolutely need and don’t need
  • How to have fun and grow a huge membership
  • Affiliates, JV’s and more
  • The tax advantages of membership sites


  • 10 5 PEOPLE ONLY!!!!

This information has never been shared before and we have no clue if we’ll ever share it again. Don’t miss this opportunity! YOU were invited…... submit your application now! 

If you qualify for this event, you’ll receive a PERSONAL text or email right from me. Then we’ll chat- I’ll send you the payment link. 

I look forward to chatting with you!

Sandi Krakowski

President and Founder, A Real Change International, Inc


Meet some of my 7-figure producing clients and students!

Sandi- just a quick msg to tell you how much you’ve blessed my family and me. I’m a 7-figure earner (we just did 2 million in our very first year!!!! Pinch me.) I started my business when I was completely broke, with five (homeschooling) kids at home, and I was beyond frustrated with our financial situation. We were living paycheck to paycheck on a single carpenter’s wage. Anyway, I took every spare dollar I had and invested into my knowledge and education. Your Facebook Ads 2.0 class was my first wake up call. I was making progress beforehand, but that catapulted my results. Since then, I haven’t stopped listening and absorbing all your classes (I play you in the car, shower, kitchen…). So this is not just for 5 & 6 figure earners. What you teach is very valuable at every level. Thanks again and I hope to meet you in person someday soon!

– Leah McHenry, Savvy Musician Academy


 Jennifer is a faux-painting expert featured on Extreme Home Makeover and other nation wide television shows. She has a unique passion for helping women start a business they can create while raising their children, from home, that outpaces anything they could do in corporate America. She now runs a multi-million dollar program mentoring creative moms and entrepreneuers! She first worked with Sandi to get her first DIY course done and was mentored in her masterminds. Jennifer now steps into the Inner Circle when we have guest coaches!


By learning to lead people with skill she already had from her past, where she did hundreds of millions of dollars in deals in real estate and translating that to an online income she was able to do this from the comfort of her deck and home office while living an amazing life with her husband and son! Sandi and Shanda spent one full year working on her copywriting and marketing to help launch what is her dream business. She owns a $7 MILLION dollar company.