NOW includes over 60 full-length courses that Sandi has created for small business owners. The “Inner Circle Mastermind & Small Business Academy” is the place where success happens! Includes EVERYTHING you’ll need to attract the right customers, grow a profitable and sustainable business AND live the life of your dreams!


Isn’t it time you stop playing around, cut through the bull that most people offer and learn innovative proven strategies that work for entrepreneurs and business owners just like you?

When I was a single mom, living on $5,000 per year raising my son in a one-bedroom apartment, a hope and a prayer were NOT enough to get us to where I knew we needed to go. Are you there now?

Let’s face it- there’s a lot of training online today that claims to help small business owners succeed. But the bottom line is, no one is teaching how to attract swarms of new clients every day, how to close a sale, get repeat sales, referrals and ultimately build a sustainable business that can be run from anywhere in the world. Everyone claims their ‘system’ and ‘step by step’ processes will work, but the reality is, systems don’t sell products and learning step by step how to set up social media, a website and an email campaign isn’t going to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Since my humble beginnings back in the 1990’s when Google first came online, I have not only built several multi-million dollar businesses, but I’ve MASTERED direct response marketing strategies and have figured out how to solve even the hardest of business challenges. Now, in my “Inner Circle Mastermind and Small Business Academy” I’m bringing together for you my 20+ years of experience, over 60 classes, a private Facebook group and I’ll even be there with you personally, every step of the way, to ensure you see the success you deserve.

I’m ALSO throwing in 3 years of Inner Circle Vault Content with EVERYTHING I’ve ever taught and have to offer – in one place! 

Are YOU Ready To Go From Dreaming To LIVING Your Best Life With A Business That Will Pave The Way For Your Families Success?


$57,000 in Complimentary Training & Classes!

Gain Access To Over 60+ Full Classes From The Vault!

EVERY CLASS EVER taught by Sandi since 2009 that is currently in the Product Vault!

This training vault has never been available before to anyone, ever in one place.

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  • Monthly video training and assessment of businesses from Sandi Krakowski personally
  • Get your questions answered with Q & A Day!
  • Action Steps you can take in your business each week
  • Live interaction with Sandi in her Private Facebook Group For Inner Circle Members
  • Monthly LIVE Call With Sandi As A Group
  • NEW! Vault of All Inner Circle Content from 2013-2016 At Your Fingertips!
  • NEW! Over 60+ Full Length Classes That Sandi Has Done Since 2009 from the Vault!



  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Magnetic Engagement
  • Opt-In Offer Cash
  • Blueprint for Sales Pages
  • Faith at Work
  • Affiliate Profits
  • Simple Product Release Strategy
  • Twitter for Business
  • The Author’s Art
  • 20-Hour Copywriting Mastermind
  • Culture – Your Ultimate ROI 
  • Fort Knox Headlines Swipe File
  • Autoresponder Magic
  • Email Writing Expertise Class
  • Web Copy Coaching
  • Social Media GPS Recordings LIVE (Orlando)
  • Social Media GPS Recordings Webinar (TV Studio)
  • Social Media Cash Conversion
  • ARC Speakers Academy
  • Read Thier Mind Book

  • How to Produce Your Own TV Show Mentorship
  • SOHO
  • Culture Virtual Summit
  • Info Publishing Made Simple
  • Writing as a Career Class – Recordings
  • Social Media Business Bootcamp
  • Facebook Ads Templates
  • Facebook Ads Remarketing Templates
  • PPC 1
  • PPC 2
  • Facebook Ads Made Easy
  • Facebook Marketing
  • WordPress 1
  • WordPress 2
  • Turn your hobby into money
  • Divine Call of God
  • Total Online Blueprint Recordings
  • Spiritual Keys to Bigger Profits
  • Mentoring with the Masters
  • Brain Training 2013
  • Career Mapping 2014
  • Career Mapping 2013
  • Keys to Laser Sharp Focus

  • Certified VA Program
  • Social Media The Fun Way
  • Marketing & Mindset
  • Newsletter Clinic
  • Virtual Business Clinic
  • List Building Class
  • 30 Days with Sandi Email Class
  • 5 Steps To Getting Unstuck In Business: Understanding What Is Holding You Back
  • 3 Keys Every Successful Business Must Have
  • Behind The Scenes Of A Thriving Business
  • Flipping The Switch To Real Profits
  • How To Build A Six Figure Business With Social Media
  • How To Create A GPS For Your Business
  • Mastering Low Hanging Fruit and Bigger Profits
  • Trust & Faith For Greater Success Success In Business
  • Two Critical Keys To Accelerate Your Business At Breakneck Speed
  • A Real Change in Business and in Life


Now includes 3 YEARS worth of content in our NEW “Inner Circle Vault”!


Business Reviews

Data Mining


Content Creation

Video for Business

Twitter For Business

Time Management

Social Media Targeting

Social Media Engagement

Making Your First $25K

Instagram For Business

Pinterest Made Easy

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad ReWrites

Growing Your Email List

Quote Graphics

LATEST NEWS!!! The Inner Circle program is changing!

Please read below for these exciting details!


To help you get the maximum results from this program, we’ve added over 60+ classes from the training vault with Sandi. These are FULL LENGTH Classes – that are no longer available anywhere else on our website – and we are evaluating adding even more classes in the future from our current Products Page offerings!

The Monthly Inner Circle INCLUDES: 

  • NEW! Over 60+ Full Length Classes That Sandi Has Done Since 2009 from the Vault!
  • Monthly video training and assessment of businesses from Sandi Krakowski personally
  • Get your questions answered with Q & A Day!
  • Action Steps you can take in your business each week
  • Live interaction with Sandi in her Private Facebook Group For Inner Circle Members
  • Monthly LIVE Call With Sandi As A Group
  • Vault of All Inner Circle Content from 2013-2016 At Your Fingertips!

On October 1st, 2016 we will be raising the monthly price for Inner Circle from $77 to $177 per month. If you get grandfathered in now however, your price WILL NEVER GO UP unless you cancel!

Get INSTANT ACCESS to 3+ YEARS worth of content on every topic you can imagine!  AND NOW……..Get INSTANT ACCESS to Over 60+ Full Length Classes From Sandi Krakowski’s Training Vault since 2009!


Are YOU ready to learn the following?

  • Build a huge social media following
  • Create content that your clients love
  • Become the go-to source for your product or service
  • Getting repeat orders every single month
  • How to get people to buy your product on social media
  • Social Media SEO and what it means for your business
  • Writing better Facebook ads
  • How to ‘hack into’ Facebook’s system so that your ads are shown more often for less than 10 cents
  • The best way to use graphics in a Facebook ad
  • Quote graphics and Video posts working in tandem online
  • How to have more time in your day and accomplish everything in your business
  • The secret to reading 3 books a week
  • Spend less than 15 minutes everyday online but LOOK like you’re there all day long
  • Build an offer that everyone wants, and build an email list you can market to on demand
  • Create online videos live, streaming, pre-recorded and make money EVERY single time someone watches them
  • How to make money really fast in affiliate marketing
  • The best way to build a Facebook page
  • How to make YOUR Facebook page the one everyone can’t wait to visit every single day
  • Organically growing your InstaGram to 80k people in under 10 months
  • The best way to write sales copy so that people have their credit card out before you even ask for the sale
  • Setting up your bio on social media so that people want to do business with you
  • Writing your first book and how to get a big book deal
  • Creating a newsletter that is read by thousands of people everyday
  • How to get people to open your emails
  • Creating your own online TV show
  • Building a Twitter following where news media start asking you the important questions in their interviews
  • How to get a magazine invite and be the next ‘cover’ celebrity
  • The best way to send out auto-responders so that people will buy your product
  • Managing memberships inside a Facebook group
  • How to use FanPageKarma to spy on your competitors and attract THEIR followers to your Facebook page
  • Reviewing analytics so you make the most money
  • Creating a membership site
  • How to set up videos so that you have the best lighting even on a budget
  • Advertising on social media on a shoe string budget
  • The best way to grow an email list where no one unsubscribes
  • Creating an irresistible offer
  • Getting celebrity endorsements and even sponsorships of your products
  • How to get brands to partner with you and pay YOU for a post on your Facebook page
  • How to grow your Pinterest page and how to create pins everyone wants to share
  • Creating videos on InstaGram for your business
  • The reason InstaGram Stories and Facebook Live are different
  • Writing better sales copy so people want your product instantly
  • How to manage your money once you make it so that you don’t have to pay high taxes
  • Making sure you have set up your website securely
  • The best way to create an advertising budget even if you don’t have any extra money
  • Managing a family, business and your life- the BEST way to create your dreams come true
  • Traveling and your small business necessities
  • How to get spa visits, hotel rooms and even your entire vacation and car rental complimentary with your Facebook page success
  • The right time to venture out and hire a VA
  • How to find VAs and the best way to not get ripped off by people
  • How to find a WebDesigner who is going to do great work for you personally 

$77.00 Month to Month Membership
Your membership will run for 30 consecutive days

If you join on the 5th, your membership will go until the 5th of the following month. At that you will be renewed in the program you selected unless a cancellation is made. If a cancellation is made within 3 business days of an automated billing a refund may be issued however no refunds shall be done after 3 business days of the charge date.

Your Monthly Price Will Never Go Up, Unless you Cancel & Rejoin At A Later Date! You Are Locking This Price In!


My internet marketing business has been my baby for 3 years now. I have helped hundreds of people grow their business and chase after their dreams. My business took off and grew super fast (due to the mentorship of Sandi), it’s made more money then I could’ve imagined when I first started. It’s given my family a lifestyle that I only could’ve dreamed of a few years ago.

To my surprise and I am so happy to say this – we’ve closed every deal we’ve quoted so far this month and we are on track to have our first $60,000 month! We’ll be hitting that MILLION DOLLAR mark in no time and THAT business now runs without me being in there every single day! THANK YOU SANDI!!! And everyone in this group for being open, honest and sincerely caring about each other’s success!!!

~Ashley Dixon


We just did $21,000 of video sales in  under 4 months! 

~ Jennifer Allwood


I began taking Sandi’s classes in Nov 2015. I implemented strategies immediately and in 9 months I’ve achieved a Facebook page of over 11,000 that reaches over 100,000 families per week, an email list of over 2500, and my online income has increased by over $2000 per month and is steadily growing. I’m being sought out for high level consulting in my special needs community because I am now seen as a community influencer. Sandi’s classes have increased my ability to reach and serve more special needs families, spend more time at home with my daughters, and I even have time every week to take care me. As a single mom, I finally have the confidence, tools and income to start living the life I’ve been dreaming of by helping others. Sandi’s monthly interactive coaching, combined with her classes is pushing me to places I never thought possible.

~Catherine Whitcher


I joined Sandi’s Inner Circle in August 2015 and since then everything has changed in my business! I had a Facebook page where I was posting blogs and casually building an audience, but I didn’t have a real business yet and didn’t even know what I wanted to do with it! Inner Circle helped me get focused and figure out how to start creating actual income. In October of 2015, I launched– a reclaimed wood sign shop– that I began actively marketing on Facebook and Instagram. I now earn between $700-$1500 per month selling our signs PART TIME while taking care of my toddler every day. I’ve built over 20,000 followers on my social media networks and a steadily growing email list. If that weren’t enough– I’m also a social media manager for 2 clients! In under 10 hours per week I’m able to run their campaigns and earn an additional $1000-$1500+ per month.

ARC’s tools and strategies are so straight forward, effective, and duplicable. They help me work fast, smart, and at the very highest quality. The best part– I make my schedule, I control my income, and I get to choose what life, balance, and success look like.

~Lizzie Smiley
Reclaimed Wood Sign Maker


I just wanted to say “Thank you” to Sandi for being bold in conviction about R.E.S.T. We took our first family getaway, in nearly 8 years of marriage. In that time we had 4 babies in five years (3 high risk pregnancies) in addition to my non-biological sons, one of which lives with us. We NEVER took time away as a family, just us. I think my husband and I have only been away overnight once since our honeymoon. So I just did it! I planned a quick overnighter. We homeschool and my husband was off for 2 days.

Words simply cannot describe the atmosphere with my family and children right now. So for anyone who’s been sitting on the fence about getting away or taking some time off, I really want to

~Angelica K G Duncan


Celebration moment! Please delete if not ok! Since taking Sandi ‘s class this summer my page went from less than 300 to over 9,000. People are now talking to me and it feels like a community with a hopeful vibe. I just got “verified” and I don’t know how they choose, or what it means, but it all seems good. Thank you so much for your excellent mentoring!!

~ Melinda Borrello Sharma


When I discovered Sandi in May 2015, I had 385 people on my Facebook page and was doing most everything for free or at a loss in my nonprofit. I now have 21,000 on my page (with single posts that reach over 5000 people!) and am selling online classes, getting paid coaching clients through social media and finding new, more effective ways to help people fulfill their calling and make a difference in the world. I used to work 60+ hours a week, and now I work a lot less, take time off and am getting more done! My impact, income and world has drastically changed since working with Sandi and ARC!

~Katherine Martin


I discovered Sandi Krakowski back in 2011 when God showed me I had to learn how to connect with people online to share His truth. From Sandi I learned everything about online business. I set up my website, began offering optins to build my email list to 4500 and growing and set up a Facebook business page which to date has over 43,000 followers. After writing “Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds,” I began offering online Christian weight loss coaching and have been privileged to have people from all over the world in my groups. I’m finally living the dream of doing what God designed me to do and earning a five figure income which is steadily building. Six figures—here we come. Oh and by the way, God has totally blown up that myth that I can’t earn an income from what I LOVE to do!

~Teresa S. Parker


I’ve been working Sandi’s programs, including the inner circle for about 12 to 14 months.
My FB likes grew from approx 500 to 17,600+.
Since the beginning of this year I have exceed 3k every month and even hit 5k!!
My confidence has grown exponentially.. I’m WAY out of my box..
I must say before Sandi I spent thousands on “GURU’S” only to find myself in major debt.

I relate to sandi as a real life person….like me..Major connection.

~Veronica Drake


I was in the Inner Circle for 2 months in 2015 then returned in April 2016 and at the time, I had 300 fans on my Facebook page (many were family + friends). I started taking Sandi’s $10 a day approach to Facebook ads a few months ago and have already reached over 5000 people on my page with anywhere from 30-50 new fans added every day. The success on Facebook gave me the courage to finally launch a program I had been sitting on for over 2 years and following her tips and advice I have another 9 products ready to launch by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

~Dawn Martinello


I joined ARC in December of 2015 looking for a way to build my soy candle business. With in the first few months of joining ARC we received our first wholesale account. Plus our business Facebook page went from 1200 to over 10,000 people! This journey has given me more confidence, knowledge, and prosperity. Thank You, Sandi

~Mandy Wienhold


I started working with Sandi in Nov 2015 with a small page of about 1500 with her classes I grew my page using her techniques to 5000 by May. Since joining her VIP group in June I have grown my mailing list to over 2000 and my page to over 13,000 and I’ve not even been with her a full year. Sandi’s classes are truly ever-green and the depth of information in each classes is worth so much more than she charges. I highly recommend her to any small business and especially if you’re in network marketing or direct sales.

~Caroline Gunn Bjorkquist


I ‘happened upon’ Sandi and the ARC Team in 2015. Initially I didn’t believe that she was for real! But slowly it began to dawn on me that she cared about every one of her clients and that she was the “real deal”. I’ve grown my Facebook page from zero to an incredible 19,830 as of today!!!! The reach of my individual posts is gaining momentum and I now can reach over 8,000 people per day. When I started with her I worked as a Senior Corporate Director, I have since been able to leave my very lucrative full time day job and follow my passion as a coach, helping others create a fulfilling life using practical and productive tools. I joined VIP in July 2016 and it has been a priceless investment in growing my business. It’s given me the information, inspiration, motivation and courage to create an info product and group coaching program. I am forever grateful.

~Candy Motzek


This class with Sandi has been an amazing experience and has given me the tools to be successful. Each month we learned many eye opening insights into how to successfully build a home business. A big takeaway has been learning the one-to-many model which helps give your life back. Since starting I’ve learned when to outsource and have successfully matched bios and pictures for all my primary social media sites. I went from not having a Facebook page to just passing 2100. And continually growing each and everyday by using the successful tips that Sandi has shared with us for using PPC ads. Truly a life-changing class that should not be missed.

~ Jenny Valenzuela


The education I’ve received since being a student of Sandi is Amazing! This is What I’ve Been Looking for! I started with 52 likes on my Facebook page and jumped up to over 1000 TARGETED likes in 3 months using what I learned ALL while Working from home AND homeschooling 4 of our children! I also gained my first PAYING client which COVERED the cost of this Mentorship! That would have NEVER happened without Quickly Implementing what I learned from Sandi, Social Media and ARC! Plus, Earning while Learning is Definitely One of the Best Positive Reinforcements You Can Experience! This is Just the Beginning and We are ready to Soar!

~ Cheriese K Singleton


When I first began this class my Facebook page I had 626 likes which I struggled for a long time to even get that many, as of writing this I have 2,166 and growing! Learning how to use the one-to-many model has cut SO many hours from what I was spending previously. I’m not spending hours on the phone or answering tons of emails over and over again. In the beginning I HATED Twitter. All I did was talk to myself and no one ever talked back to me. Now from what I learned in this training I have people initiating conversation with me and I went from hating it to loving it. Without using Twitter ads I was also able to get another 600 followers, just by following what I learned here. The information on engaging your audience, how to create effective ads, I could go on and on there is so much to mention. With the tools learned here the sky is the limit!

~ Heather Santo


When I began with Sandi I had been struggling to figure out how to link my online activities in a cohesive way. Following Sandi’s lessons I have doubled the LIKES on my Facebook page, and have grown my Twitter following from around 200 to over 1100. I have a much clearer understanding of the message I want to communicate and I am communicating it consistently thru all my online outlets. I look forward to continuing to review the SOHO materials and glean more insights as my business continues to grow. Thank you Sandi Krakowski, Rochelle Stolman Griffin, Kayla Howard, and PJ McClure.

~ Frances Hartigan


I had very few likes on my Facebook page when I started these courses. The likes have tripled on my page as well as my church FB page, which I have been managing for the past four months. More importantly, I have grown personally and spiritually since beginning my mentorship. Sandi teaches more than just the technical aspects of social media, and she has introduced us to resources I had no idea existed. I know that as soon as I am able to implement everything that I have learned, my business will explode. Thank you, Sandi Krakowski!

~ Kim Kruse


I lost sleep when I was trying to decide to take this class or not, when I finally made the decision to join the 6 month group, I was at ease. Within 2-3 months I doubled my income and have gone from approximately 12,000 fans on my FB business page to over 21K! Selling corsets and helping women with confidence is my passion and since “meeting” Sandi on Fb i have helped so many women, priceless. I also now have a twitter account with close to 3,000 followers. Sandi and her team take you beyond your comfort zone comfortably. I have no doubt I will sign up to another class of Sandi’s and I have no doubt I will one day travel to the USA when she speaks somewhere. So much has changed since I started working inher groups, in both business and in my personal life. Very blessed to have come across her on Facebook.

~ Sonya Maachou 


I joined Sandi and her team at A Real Change to jump start my home-based business using her one-to-many sales model. Organization, motivation, faith and focus are at the core of Sandi’s leadership and training. In short of ONE month, my Facebook page went from nonexistent to reaching over ¼ million people per week! My page likes increased to nearly 1500 during the same time period. My business is blossoming; it has just taken off! Personally, professionally and spiritually, I have been rebuilt by Sandi. Thanks and love to EVERYONE at A Real Change.

~ Sara Brophy Alexander


Sandi’s training on social media has been an amazing journey for not only my business, but myself personally. Yes, my business has changed and grown but more importantly I have changed and grown. I’ve become more confident in being “me” and not trying to replicate others. When I first started this class I thought there was no way I could find more than 5 posts a day for my FB Page and Twitter Page. And most of those were taken from searching other people’s pages. Today, 6 months later, I find that have more to say than the recommend number of posts a day. And you know what, the posts are me talking… not someone else. Yes, I have found my voice and have really connected with many of my new followers.

I’ve also learned to give and serve my followers instead of beg them for sales. I’ve built a genuine community with my followers. We enjoy each others comments and support each other in many ways. We are real people helping and supporting each other. They care about me my life and I care about them and their life. It’s been an amazing journey with Sandi Krakowski and her team. I know I will continue to follow Sandi’s practices and enjoy and continue to build my online business and presence.

~ Kathryn Strabley Wong


I have spent most of the time in SOHO building up the pages for my main client – there are 2 pages – one now has over 30k fans, the other one has over 27k. A couple weeks ago I thought “I feel more comfortable talking like the brands I represent than myself”. Well, that is just crap. I have NEVER had a problem talking – so I decided to not believe that lie of resistance and get over myself. Over the past week, I started working on my page. I’m having so much fun! And I’m still not posting 12 times a day. Or putting as much effort into it as I would like. But I can see – this is going to be so much fun for me and the key to my business growth. My biggest realization has been mental. I throw myself into my clients’ businesses. And ALWAYS put mine on the back burner. I do want to provide amazing service and get results for my clients, but I no longer am willing to sacrifice myself to do it.

~ Rachel Stivers


This social media class has been an amazing journey! Because of the investment I made in SOHO I was able to prioritize and pursue what I was passionate about. I shut down “free” Facebook groups I ran for nearly 2 years and opened up a private coaching and 30 Day Challenge group. I repurposed hundreds of videos and now have over 2k “likes” on my FB page, multiple opt-ins, dozens of information products and greater clarity and focus. When I began the class I had 881 FB likes and set a goal of 2000. I now have over 2100 and a reach of over 30k per week! So grateful for this opportunity and to be part of the 1st graduating class! This has helped me grow my business and reach to the part-time entrepreneurs I serve. I learned so much about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the most beneficial for me was how to set up and run a challenge group. Within 1 month I started a challenge group and generated nearly $2000 in profits!

~ Montina Young Portis


I’ve learned so much from from Sandi and I have so much more I want to implement. In six months, I have made major changes to my website – and now my Alexa ranking is just over 1,000,000. I created a brand new Facebook Page, Twitter account and Instagram account. I now have 817 followers on Twitter, 315 followers on IG and 506 followers on my FB page. It may not be as high as others, but I’ve also only been putting in a few hours a week. They key is I’m moving forward and I know the steps I need to take to continue to grow and help serve my target audience. I can’t thank you enough for such an opportunity to learn from the best of the best. Thank you Sandi Krakowski, Rochelle Stolman Griffin, PJ McClure and Kayla Howard. God bless you all. Adding this onto all the other work you do was a huge undertaking. I appreciate you all.

~ Lisa Magoulas 


I have loved my time in this mentorship and learned so much. As a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 2, farm manager, essential oil educator and blogger, there doesn’t seem to be much time to fit everything in. Through the coaching of Sandi , PJ, Kayla, and Rochelle, I learned how to use my time more effectively and how how important it is to use the one to many model to free up more time for my family and business. I have learned how to write successful facebook ads and manage my time better. My facebook page grew from 5,000 followers to over 16,000 followers with increasing engagement. Sandi has helped me learn how to read their minds and speak to their hearts. It is about building a relationship and not just selling. My direct business is steadily growing with new customers and members. I am now able train them in a way in private facebook groups so that they can duplicate how I built my business so that we will all be successful. I am excited that I have a few products soon to be launched. I never would have had the confidence before or know where to start. Thank you all!!

~ Mary Souther Clendenin


I knew 100% when I started social media training that it was the next step for me. I have come so far in the last six months. I started knowing nothing and grown each month in knowledge experience and numbers. I started with less than 200 likes on my Facebook page and from running targeted ads I have grown over 1500 with only $10. per day budget. I am reaching over 60,000 people and my engagement is always at least 50%. I have grown my twitter followers to over 1700 as well. I have a long way to go before I reach the level I want to reach with an on-line business, but I have to tell you that the education provided in this group and the growth I have experienced as a person is invaluable! I have more confidence in my abilities as a person and who God has created me to be then I had when I started. I have deeper understanding for what it means to truly care about your customers and can no longer stand the “pimping” that I see and DO NOT want to run my business like that. I want to be that person who simply wants to bless others. I have a deep force pushing me forward and I refuse to quit and give up when things get hard, that’s not who God created me to be. I feel this group has grounded that deeper into my person and has pushed me to appreciate the growing and learning process like I never have before. I am very grateful for this experience and would not change it for anything! Sandi and coaches are all amazing and inspiring! They live what they teach.

~ Daveda Schmidlin


I’m so very thankful I decided to make the investment into myself and my business! Sandi helped me in so many ways. I learned how to market my business effectively online while still being able to spend time with my family! My FB page is growing, my website list is growing and I couldn’t be happier! I prayed about this before jumping in and kept getting signs to just go for it. SO happy I listened! I learned that I could share my faith along with my business and be blessed by it. My page grew and my engagement grew by leaps! At one point I had just over 600 likes on my page but I had over 3000 people talking about my page! That’s HUGE engagement and I thank Sandi for teaching me how to accomplish that! My business thanks you Sandi and team!

~ Lori Chambers Hayes


This class was simply a game changer for me. It taught me the ins and outs of social media and how to really connect with people. The one to many model is brilliant and really works. My Facebook business page has grown from 400 likes to over 10,000 in just 6 months with 50% engagement! My business has more then doubled and keeps growing from month to month. It was blessing to learn from Sandi and her awesome group of coaches. I would recommend Sandi to anyone wanting to build a successful business through social media.

~ Enrique Olazabal


I’ve been trying to think of the right words to use here, because there are so many thoughts I have about Sandi Krakowski and her team at a Real Change. If I had to use one phrase to describe my experience since meeting Sandi, it would be “life changing.” What I’ve learned about my business has been so much more than how to make money or how to advance my rank. There was a time when 300 followers was a huge number for me. Since starting with the social media class, that has grown to over 2000 with a small budget. Sales are coming from users on my page, as they find that I have something that they need. The best, most satisfying part has been about learning to build relationships with people. They visit with me, they thank me and they are beginning to put more faith in what I share with them. Sticking with the methods taught by Sandi and her team, even when outside influences were trying to teach otherwise has proven to bring in sales. The only limitations were within me and I’ve learned how to break through those as well. Thank you to Pj McClure, Rochelle Stolman Griffin, Kayla Howard and Sandi Krakowski for your dedication, understanding, kindness and willingness to see us succeed. May God continue to bless your lives.

~ Ruby Uhart 


The  Journey has been an interesting one for me. I quickly increased my likes on from 10 to over 2000 in a couple of weeks. But in doing the course realized that I had a number of other backend things I had to do. So I stopped the FB marketing, and even slowed up on the training, knowing I could pick it up later when I was ready. I implemented a ticketing system in the software I use and have used for 3 years without implementing this key feature. I have now also started using the opportunity management feature to manage by big leads. I setup call queuing on my phone system, which has made the way I manage incoming calls much more efficient and effective. I plan to take this to the next level using automated responses to answer FAQs. On that I implemented FAQ pages on my websites, and had my ticketing system redirect people to them. The big thing I have gained is the importance of ONE TO MANY. I have also been able to start to think about focus, and what areas I want to move my business in. One key thing is I will be focusing on B2B products rather than B2C. This is what I do well, and what is more profitable. The other thing I plan to do is develop websites for churches and community groups, that are both effective and affordable. This has been the start of the journey. Thank you SOHO Team!

~ John Jacobson


What an INCREDIBLE journey this has been. Over the last 6 months, I’ve seen almost double the growth and engagement on all of my networking sites through consistent posting and interaction on those sites. What’s cool about this is that there are actual conversations taking place and people helping people through Sandi’s one to many approach that we’ve been taught. Because of this, I’m not just seeing my life change but hearing from others that theirs is too because of the information that our Community gives them. I’ve learned how to find my target audience and work on ways to help find a solution to their pressing problems so that we could make life better for one another. I also am looking at myself in a whole new light. Prior to doing this, I was having a hard time of thinking outside the box and was feeling stuck in which direction I wanted to take in my business. Now I know that my Direct Sales Business and My Virtual Assistant Business are just two divisions in my company. The sky is the limit…I can create products, give hope and inspire others and I’m more confident than ever that this is the path that God wants for me. THANK YOU ARC Team for all that you have taught!

~ Laura Kelly-Pifer


I joined this  class completely on faith. I didn’t have a facebook business page or a website. All of the coaches have helped me to develop my WordPress website, set up a Twitter account, set up an Instagram account, start my FB business page and put the structure in place to make money through social media! These are just a few of the accomplishments that I have made because of this class! The energy in this group & the excitement as a team has been awesome!

~ Michelle Drinkard


My relationship with ARC began 1 year ago. I signed up for my first program and became an ARC Certified Virtual Assistant and moved right on to the social media program. Currently I’m in the Info Publishing program. ARC helped me get back into the world of the living. Five years ago I was diagnosed for the second time with cancer. This second diagnosis changed me and I was afraid to do anything. I wouldn’t even buy much because I thought why…I’ll be dead soon. Well, I’m still here and I still have cancer but I’m LIVING! I mean really living not just existing. It’s not over yet! I began a new career, made some beautiful friends and am even exploring a relationship with my higher power I started with zero clients and I’ve just booked my fourth client in the past few days. If you are questioning whether you can do this don’t. You CAN and you WILL! You world needs you and is waiting for you.

~ Cheryl A Bruce


Sandi Krakowski is a God-send! In a few, short months Sandi showed my how to get my Facebook page from zero to over 2100…and steadily growing. She taught me how to talk to people and engage with them. I now have a thriving Facebook page and what is most amazing to me is that the majority of my sales now are coming from people I do not know personally but that have grown to trust me on my Facebook page because of the methods of engagement and relationship building that Sandi has taught me. I no longer feel like I need to approach my family and friends which was getting old fast. In addition to this, I am not a technical person by any means. To be completely honest, it boggles my mind BUT with Sandi’s clear instructions and support systems she has put in place for her clients, I have been able to maintain my site, add pages, etc myself….something I never thought possible! There is so much more to say about what I’ve learned that it would fill the page. I will definitely continue to use Sandi as my Social Media Mentor. All I can say is Sandi Karakowki ROCKS! Use her!

~ Pam Gillies Keck


As I’m new to social media & self-employment, the support and encouragement has meant so much to me. This is a big time of transition and I’m taking it slow. Because of this class I created a biz page and have 126 likes (without even doing paid ads- YET). I look forward to continuing and learning on my new path and reaching more people to share my services that are B2B. Thanks for your support Sandi, Rochelle, PJ & Kayla.

~ Marcia Sutton


I am forever thankful to all of you in the ARC group as well as the coaches. You have opened up a world to me like none other. When I was in the moment of decision of whether to continue or throw in the towel you restored my faith in the power of the true entrepreneur. Thank you to each and everyone of you!

~ Brettany Sorokowsky


When I first started this course, I had no real clue about how to use social media for business or how big an impact it could have. After taking the 6-month ARC Apprenticeship with Sandi Krakowski, not only do I understand how to effectively use social media, but I also understand how key it is to the success of online business. I gained so much in this ARC Apprenticeship. The hands-on training and the opportunity to work together with my colleagues, was the most amazing experience. I highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone wanting to run a business online. The entire apprenticeship course was delivered via a Facebook group enabling me to commit to the 6-month journey on my schedule. Each step of the journey was led by skilled instructors and complemented by a support network of fellow students, all at my fingertips and even available on my phone. I am so excited to take what I have learned and apply it to my businesses. Prior to this training I was doing what I thought I should be doing with business like pages and social media in general. An entire year passed and I only had a few dozen likes. I just started a new business page last week that almost immediately had 200 likes and I have not yet started to work with it. A student of mine has taken her 90 likes and is almost at 4,000 likes within just a few weeks. My future is so bright from the ARC training which has given me confidence to move forward with my business vision. Social media is the way of the future and thanks to ARC and this wonderful learning opportunity, I know I will succeed. THANKS again Sandi!

~ Jacinta Cillis-Asquith


Sandi Krakowski and the social media course, along with its phenomenal coaches, have taught me that even though I am a network marketing distributor, I am a business and a force of my own that is entirely unique. Although I love the freedom that MLM and network marketing can bring, and has brought, what was missing was the fact that I can be creative and bring myself and my unique talents to the table. In addition, I can create a very powerful business that teaches duplication and true freedom without overwhelm. I now have a work life and home life that is more balanced which enables me to spend more time with my family and accomplish so much more. As a busy mom of 5, I can now leverage my time, be my true self, contribute on a grand scale, and therefore help so many others get healthy and do the same. Thank you so much for sharing this gift that you have with others like me!

~ Karen Moskowitz Abir



NOTE: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this service and it’s potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our service, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a “get rich scheme.”