Are YOU Ready To Go From Dreaming To LIVING Your Best Life With A Business That Will Pay You For Years To Come?

Dear coaches, ‘gurus and experts’ , home business builder, entrepreneur, direct sales professional, ministry worker and anyone else who wants MASSIVE exposure online with the new “social media marketing” world-

Are you ready to UP-level your business to something that is not only profitable, but it’s also sustainable, so that it can run with or without you, while you’re chasing your dreams and doing things you love? 

Since my humble beginnings back in the 1990’s when Google first came online, I have not only built several multi-million dollar businesses, but I’ve MASTERED direct response marketing strategies and have figured out how to solve even the hardest of business challenges.

Now, in my “Inner Circle Vault” I’m bringing together for you my 20+ years of experience, over 60 classes, and giving you lifetime access so you have everything thing you need to guide you, every step of the way, to ensure you see the success you deserve.

Sandi Krakowski Business Consultant and Trainer | A Real Change

Leah McHenry

Savvy Musician Academy

She made $2 MILLION her first year!!

“Sandi- just a quick msg to tell you how much you’ve blessed me and my family. I’m a 7-figure earner (we just did 2 million in our very first year!!!! Pinch me.) I started my business when I was completely broke, with five (homeschooling) kids at home, and I was beyond frustrated with our financial situation. We were living paycheck to paycheck on a single carpenter’s wage. Anyway, I took every spare dollar I had and invested into my knowledge and education. Your Facebook Ads 2.0 class was my first wake up call. I was making progress beforehand but that really catapulted my results. Since then, I haven’t stopped listening and absorbing all your classes (I play you in the car, shower, kitchen…). So this is not just for 5 & 6 figure earners. What you teach is very valuable at every level. Thanks again and I hope to meet you in person someday soon!”

 🚀 Exclusive October Masterclass Alert!

Before Sandi Krakowski shuts the doors to her Inner Circle for good, she’s hosting a one-of-a-kind three-hour masterclass. Dive deep into the secrets of making millions in your business in 2023 and safeguarding your wealth amidst the financial upheavals.

Special Guest: Jeremiah, Sandi’s genius son, who just made 7 figures in his own business this last year. You really don’t want to miss this!

Are YOU Ready To Transform Your Business Forever?

What's taught in the vault?

Build a huge social media following
Create content that your clients love
Become the go-to source for your product or service
Getting repeat orders every single month
How to get people to buy your product on social media
Social Media SEO and what it means for your business
Writing better Facebook ads
How to ‘hack into’ Facebook’s system so that your ads are shown more often for less than 10 cents
The best way to use graphics in a Facebook ad
Quote graphics and Video posts working in tandem online
How to have more time in your day and accomplish everything in your business
The secret to reading 3 books a week
Spend less than 15 minutes everyday online but LOOK like you’re there all day long
Build an offer that everyone wants, and build an email list you can market to on demand
Create online videos live, streaming, pre-recorded and make money EVERY single time someone watches them
How to make money really fast in affiliate marketing
The best way to build a Facebook page
How to make YOUR Facebook page the one everyone can’t wait to visit every single day
Organically growing your InstaGram to 80k people in under 10 months
The best way to write sales copy so that people have their credit card out before you even ask for the sale
Setting up your bio on social media so that people want to do business with you
Writing your first book and how to get a big book deal
Creating a newsletter that is read by thousands of people everyday
How to get people to open your emails
The right time to venture out and hire a VA
How to find VAs and the best way to not get ripped off by people
How to find a WebDesigner who is going to do great work for you personally

Creating your own online TV show
Building a Twitter following where news media start asking you the important questions in their interviews
How to get a magazine invite and be the next ‘cover’ celebrity
The best way to send out auto-responders so that people will buy your product
Managing memberships inside a Facebook group
How to use FanPageKarma to spy on your competitors and attract THEIR followers to your Facebook page
Reviewing analytics so you make the most money
Creating a membership site
How to set up videos so that you have the best lighting even on a budget
Advertising on social media on a shoe string budget
The best way to grow an email list where no one unsubscribes
Creating an irresistible offer
Getting celebrity endorsements and even sponsorships of your products
How to get brands to partner with you and pay YOU for a post on your Facebook page
How to grow your Pinterest page and how to create pins everyone wants to share
Creating videos on InstaGram for your business
The reason InstaGram Stories and Facebook Live are different
Writing better sales copy so people want your product instantly
How to manage your money once you make it so that you don’t have to pay high taxes
Making sure you have set up your website securely
The best way to create an advertising budget even if you don’t have any extra money
Managing a family, business and your life- the BEST way to create your dreams come true
Traveling and your small business necessities
How to get spa visits, hotel rooms and even your entire vacation and car rental complimentary with your Facebook page success



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