I joined Sandi’s Inner Circle in August 2015 and since then everything has changed in my business! I had a Facebook page where I was posting blogs and casually building an audience, but I didn’t have a real business yet and didn’t even know what I wanted to do with it! Inner Circle helped me get focused and figure out how to start creating actual income. In October of 2015, I launched PeacefulHomeSigns.com– a reclaimed wood sign shop– that I began actively marketing on Facebook and Instagram. I now earn between $700-$1500 per month selling our signs PART TIME while taking care of my toddler every day. I’ve built over 20,000 followers on my social media networks and a steadily growing email list. If that weren’t enough– I’m also a social media manager for 2 clients! In under 10 hours per week I’m able to run their campaigns and earn an additional $1000-$1500+ per month.

ARC’s tools and strategies are so straight forward, effective, and duplicable. They help me work fast, smart, and at the very highest quality. The best part– I make my schedule, I control my income, and I get to choose what life, balance, and success look like.