Marketing And Mind Control- The Main Focus Of Headlines, Content And A Powerful Call To Action

Marketing And Mind Control- The Main Focus Of Headlines, Content And A Powerful Call To Action

By: Sandi Krakowski

The goal of all marketing is much different than many new business owners might think. As I've asked this question through social media and on my coaching calls, answers varied from:

  • To get my product out there
  • Find my ideal client
  • Speak my client's language
  • Sell something

to things as wide and broad as:

  • To beat my competitors
  • Be the best
  • Make money
  • Give you an offer

As we can see from just these few short replies, very few new and beginning business owners understand the focus and the goal of successful marketing campaigns.

The goal of every marketing campaign is to create or change a belief.

The headline, lead, opening statements, bullet points, proof, you name it…. is all aimed at one thing- can I get you to change or alter your belief about something.

When we write a marketing campaign, create a Pay Per Click ad, position ourselves through our blog or communicate to an audience through social media, the goal is to influence and change a belief. Whether it's in changing the belief to something positive or changing the belief so that our client understands the pain they are in on a daily basis, as in the case of skincare, weight loss, lack of sleep or other ailments, the goal of our marketing is to touch the belief and change it.

Let's look at weight loss….. our focus has to be creating a certain level of pain for the reader so that they will make a decision, in a very non-painful way, to no longer live in and with the misery of being overweight. Most people want to completely avoid dealing with how overweight they feel! But when it comes to really feeling the pain to the point that a decision is made to end the trap and go in the opposite direction, this is the focus of marketing in the weight loss niche.  Getting people to change their habits isn't the goal- getting someone to make a commitment isn't the goal either! The focus is to get someone to make a decision to go in a new direction, with a specific first step of buying our product.

Another niche to consider is acne cremes and facial programs.

To simple say, "You won't have to have acne any longer" won't work! We'll need stories, strong emotional pull, the ability to open up with our client, let our customers share their story and their pain… the selling process then becomes very normal and effortless. People who are afraid to look in the mirror and face their abscessed face are now dreaming about their next step with our products. The natural course of events will then be to pull out the credit card for payment.  

It's important to move in integrity, to not make claims we can't back up, to have real stories and real people, otherwise we, the marketer, will be the one with pain! But if we can create a result, no matter how small initially, we'll have clients who then market for us, in the same way we do with an even stronger emotional appeal!

A few years ago, I had the honor of meeting Lenny Lieberman, the man responsible for the success of the informercials at Gunthy Renker, the marketing team for ProActiv. He impressed me so much I'd like to share with you the 10 Commandments For Leadership at Gunthy Renker for your reference. 


1. Thou shalt take risks. 

Risk is a prerequisite for success. So feel the fear and do it anyway, and know that every entrepreneur before you has felt the pang of panic at one time or another. The trick is to fight the fear with four simple rules. Research your ideas extensively. Keep your goals clear. Invest and re-invest, and never be afraid to try new things. Soon your fear will be replaced by financial fortitude.

2. Thou shalt make nice with your competitors. 

The old law of "you wash my back, I'll wash yours" is just as applicable in our modern age. Asking competitors for help will reap unparalleled rewards, from getting invaluable advice (especially on new ventures) to combining your forces for mutual benefit. When it comes time to return a favor, brokering a deal for a competitor will allow you to cut in on their profits. It's a win-win situation.

3. Thou shalt pick the right people. 

The people you surround yourself with will often make the difference between profit and perish. Choose partners who offer varying perspectives to cover all your bases. Surround yourself with people who are talented, forward thinking, conscientious and loyal, and you'll create an unbeatable team. Finally, take your time to find the right people – it will be time well spent.

4. Thou shalt have a BlackBerry® that is fruitful and multiplies.   (Sandi notes- I'd choose an iPhone )

Go out of the way to forge relationships with agents, vendors, competitors and colleagues because you never know where your next opportunity will come from. Networking works so keep your rolodex updated and don't let it gather dust. Seemingly unnecessary meetings and contacts today can turn into valuable contracts tomorrow.

5. Thou shalt welcome change. 

Even the subtlest tweak to your pitch, packaging or ad campaign can have a dramatic impact on results. A new headline here and a bumped-up offer there can turn a ho-hum seller into a hit. Be objective and ruthless in your analysis and discard whatever doesn't work. Finally, when re-introducing a tried and true product, change its look but leave the goods alone.

6. Thou shalt master the multimedia marketplace. 

Don't stop at television. TV creates interest in a product but a broader multimedia approach ensures maximum profits. Bolster infomercials with traditional commercials, home shopping appeals, print ads in key publications, catalogs, direct mail, Internet sales, and other efforts. Consider new products in light of their full multimedia potential and always be on the look out for new media to tap into.

7. Thou shalt join and lead thy trade association. 

A leader leads, so be on the frontlines especially in the heat of battle. In 1990, Congress and the Federal Trade Commission were about to impose a legislative straightjacket on the infomercial industry in response to incidents of fraud and abuse. Asked to testify before a Congressional subcommittee, Guthy-Renker took the initiative to form a trade group that would voluntarily police the industry. Today that group, known as the Electronic Retailing Association, serves as the ethical compass for the direct response television industry and Greg Renker remains its Chairman Emeritus. Because Guthy-Renker was unafraid to lead, we garnered greater respect and prestige among our colleagues, government, and the world.

8. Thou shalt build on thy company's brand name at all times. 

Get your name out there, but cultivate the right image from the get-go because once the public has a perception about you it is nearly impossible to change it. Inspire consumer recognition and trust by associating the name of your company with each product and program, in effect selling your company as aggressively as your products. Be willing to be visible, even if it means taking a hit for your industry. The result will be that competitors and customers will think you are bigger, better, and more powerful than you might actually be.

9. Thou shalt not limit thy upside. 

Don't bet the farm on fads. Look for products that sell indefinitely to the largest and most reliable audience possible. Do your homework and go the extra mile to find products with the greatest multimedia potential. Be on the lookout for new capital sources but remember that not every opportunity is your opportunity, so don't be afraid to pass.

10. Thou shalt be prepared to toss out these commandments and start over! 

Adapt, adapt, adapt. The direct marketing industry changes on a daily basis. The only eternal rule is to keep your ear to the ground and your antennae up at all times. Stay ahead of and capitalize on changing trends. As your company evolves, so must your corporate strategy. Don't fall in love with a business plan because it will only break your heart.

(c) Gunthy Renker, 2015, all rights reserved.  http://www.guthy-renker.com/

It's critical to see that changing emotions and minds of our clients requires the highest level of integrity on our part. We must do so because we genuinely desire to impact people and help them with our products and our services.

Remember this- our goal is to help people make decisions that they already WANT to make, but they need our help along the way to get the job done!

Help people make a decision. Change their beliefs about themselves and bring your unique and specific solution as the remedy! This is "Marketing In Brilliance 101". 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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