Personal Breakthrough Required To Go Farther Than You Ever Thought Possible In Business


I was reminded today of something really big that happened one year ago. It was so life changing that I shared it on my blog and with everyone we were connected with. WARNING- when we published this a year ago not a dry eye was in the room….
There are hundreds of thousands of new people connecting with us since that time… and I thought this might be a great time to give many of you HOPE for a new start…reach deep into your own heart and see if you need a BREAKTHROUGH like never before.


Personal Breakthrough Required To Go Farther Than You Ever Thought Possible In Business 

By: Sandi Krakowski

Being afraid to change is a bad habit. Do whatever it takes to break it. Being fearful is a normal response mechanism that God Himself designed in us to keep us from danger. Sadly, painful memories, the media, movies we've seen, silly things people say and more alter our proper God-given fear mechanism and before we know it, we can be fearful of things we shouldn't be. Just for the record, it's not a matter of 'This shouldn't be' as in right or wrong, but it's deeper than that. It's more a case of 'this doesn't have to be,' and you have the power to change it.

Change takes courage. 

Most people don't have the courage to face everyday events let alone the things that hold them back in business. In study after study, doctors, psychologists, ministers and more have found that in order to face things that hold us back and change the patterns that are also holding us back, it's best to do something very different and alter the memory and experience. 

This week as we went on a boat trip and then snorkeling at the crater Molokini, something came up in our family that has come up before, but it was a very different situation this time. Justin wanted to talk about his inability to swim and his fear of swimming. Now for the record, he's been in pools before, lakes and other fun things, but at some point when he was little (probably those silly swim lessons he went through and the guy was not the best teacher) he developed a fear of being out of control in the water. He also began to tell himself, "I can't swim," and every time he encountered something that asked that, a youth group trip, outing, etc. he always answered affirmatively, "I can't swim."

Now the reality is this, Justin has been on roller coasters, water slides, pools and other things, but water over his head has held a unique fear in his spirit and even though he's a Master Bowman, a licensed member of the NRA at 18 years old, has been shooting at targets since he was 8, has the amazing protective nature of a military man and is often referred to by his leaders in his youth group as a very gifted leader, he developed this deep rooted belief of, "I can't swim."

He came to me before the trip and said that he was sick of this belief and wanted it to leave. I always give my kids personal freedom to rise to their fears and I don't push them. He came to me and I was there to support him.

Business tip #1- WHO do you go to when you realize you have a wrong belief that is holding you back and you need clarity on what is truth? It is my honor to be this person for thousands of people in our client base and over 500 in our respective coaching classes. Many times just 15 minutes with me and people break through things that have held them back for more than 30 years! 

Justin came to me with this frustration and we agreed that in Maui, on this trip, he would leave his fear of swimming in the water and he'd be a new man by the time we left.

Business tip #2- Make a decision ahead of time what your end result will be. You'll have far more courage to fulfill the expectation than if you just sit 'hoping and waiting.' Justin did not tell me he HOPED he could overcome his fear, he did not ask me to TAKE his fear away and he didn't say he wished he didn't have to struggle like this. He made a decision. 

The word decision is very unique and very strategic for you to note- it means "to cut away."  When we make a decision to have personal breakthrough in something we are deciding to literally CUT AWAY the old belief and do something differently. This is where most people will fail. They say they want to 'cut away' the decision but they never do anything to begin the cutting. Justin made reservations with me to go snorkeling. FIRST cut away from the old belief. 

We made reservations for December 13, 2011, to be our day out to Molikini. Justin was both excited and terrified! I could see it all over his face and in his tone when he mentioned it casually but confidently. SECOND cut away from the old belief.

Business tip #3- If your goals and dreams are not big enough to terrify you and make you excited AT THE SAME TIME, they are just not big enough.

As we set out on the boat I could see Justin working up as much courage as possible and the marine biologist on board also gave him some confidence by saying they have everything they needed to support him and he would be safe, they'd make sure of it. THIRD cut away from the old belief!

Business tip #4- Get an expert who can make sure you are safe in your decision making and don't ruin your future with impulse. When you are ready to take a risk and go through to the other side, have someone who is an expert there to guide you. You'll be glad you did.

The time came when we were all ready to go into the water, all 43 of us on the boat. Justin was in front of me. His 16 year old brother Bobby in front of him. In front of Bobby was Justin's very special girlfriend and my personal local assistant, Holly who is 19. 

Business tip #5- Have people who love and support you around you as you face your breakthrough! Don't go it alone, it doesn't have to be that hard. Love, support and courage come freely when you know love and courage and support are surrounding you.

Justin quietly turned and looked at me with his one foot in the water and his other foot on the boot, "I'm scared, " he said.  I answered him as I've answered thousands of our clients, "I am right here and will be sure you are safe." FOURTH CUT away from the old belief! NEW experience begins NOW!

And then… he jumped.  WOOOOOHHH… a bit of a freaky moment. He had a water noodle with him so he was very grateful for that… the water being 50 feet deep, ha! So was Mom! 

The Marine guy said to him, "You're doing great, come on over here…," as he was on a Boogie Board paddling his own flippers and being a protector nearby.

I swam to Justin and began to talk him through, "You leg press 490 lbs. buddy, this is cake. You can do this. Remember how it feels to just get mad as hell at the thing on your back and you PRESS those legs to the top?  We're gonna do that here too!"

Justin began to learn how to use his flippers and his hands and get the feel for the water… I have to admit, it was also a bit scary for me! It takes A LOT of endurance to swim in the ocean! Considering my colon was bleeding just 6 weeks ago, I began to also encourage myself that I was doing great and could hang out closer to the boat, as others went further on ahead.  Then the Marine guy said to Justin, "Let's take it from here… come on with me."

NEW EXPERIENCE…. and new memories take root…. 

Off Justin went…. about 100 feet away from me…. closer to the snorkeling area… and so did Holly and Bobby.  I snorkeled closer to the boat and saw some amazing fish and other things that I had NO IDEA existed on the ocean floor!!  And I gave myself some major grace, because I was getting really tired, really fast.

With joy in my heart, I got back on the boat about 30 minutes later and watched as Justin and the others snorkeled for almost an hour. 

I had tears… I had excitement and I had a certain level of WARRIOR CHEER going on in my heart, because right before my eyes, my 18 year old had overcome his own fear. I knew as I have experienced with thousands of our clients, this would be a PIVOTAL moment in his life, forever. He would turn back to this memory every time he was terrified of something and he would gain so much strength and courage. 

NEW MEMORY PLANTED… new belief growing, old belief uprooted and destroyed forever!

Then…. I had tears in my eyes again, because it reminded me that while many of our clients have had ridiculous breakthroughs this year… some have not. Some sit on the 'boat of life' and watch others go by and never even put a toe in the water. Some stay in their own home town and never go anywhere away from all that is familiar…. and I knew I had to tell you all about this amazing life changing event I got to experience in Maui.

I love you, I believe in you and I want to help YOU get breakthrough too!

With love,

"Momma Sandi" 
Sandi Krakowski 






Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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