Spend One Day With Sandi Krakowski and Dr Wood To Release Trauma, Get Rid Of Blocks, Propel You Forward In Your Career, Break New Records In Your Athletic Performance AND MORE!

What if the reason you keep doing self-destructive habits, pushing people away, sabotaging the profits in your business, holding yourself back in your favorite sport and more…… is because you couldn’t have done it any other way?  And what if…… you could REMOVE ALL OF THE BLOCKS…. in 4 hours of less?

You can.

And it is possible.

Because I have been so impacted by the teachings of Dr Wood when coupled with an understanding of the spiritual gifts we’ve been given to walk in, we’re opening up the FIRST EVER “Release Trauma Retreat” that will be hosted on November 23, 2019 in a VIRTUAL RETREAT SETTING that anyone can attend.

There’s NOTHING wrong with you and your brain is just fine. But you might need a reboot!

What if…. after all these years, your survivor brain has just been trying to set you free and protect you and sadly, all you could do is repeat self-destructive behaviors? There is a way to release this instinctive fight or flight pattern and there is the possibility for everyone to have complete freedom!

As someone who suffered from PSTD after horrific abuse and trauma for most of my life, I know first hand that just addressing the spiritual aspect wasn’t enough. Equally, just addressing the physical side wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I brought together the understanding of the reality of being a tripartitie being: body, soul, and spirit and learning to REBOOT my mind to heal myself of tormenting memories and traumatic events, it was ONLY THEN that I began to see the freedom that I walk in today.


For 100 qualified individuals to spend quality time with Dr Wood and myself, we’ll walk you through the exact same clearing that people pay over $5000 to receive, and we’ll make sure you get everything you need to release trauma, change your behavior and walk in who you were meant to be, without all of these things holding you back!

Here’s what will be covered in the Virtual Retreat
  • How to Recognize Trauma and work through subconscious limitations that may be holding you back.
  • Understanding the difference between your brain and your mind.
  • Why your brain works hard to protect you and you can’t do it any other way
  • Learning how to identify your trauma WITHOUT a lot of emotions, drama and pain
  • To keep it simple. How to use your Mind to help you, not keep you stuck.
  • Why your brain WANTS you to release trauma and how to do so at anytime
  • How to get you mind clear of everything that hinders it
  • The simple process of REBOOTING the mind and how to keep it clear

What if everything you thought about trauma wasn’t even true? I promise you, this is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

Here’s what Sarah had to say:

I could FEEL my brain changing! Like how does THAT even happen?! Anyway after going and getting a drink, pacing round the house feeling both excited and weird, I rang a friend in a business I used to be associated with and failed at because I didn’t believe in myself and hated the face to face aspect amongst other things… I came back to the training, and at 29 min 03 had to go for a bike ride because all sorts of things were happening. I believe this is going to work… I actually BELIEVE in MYSELF that this is GOING TO WORK!!! I NEVER saw it as being possible for ME before. Other people SURE! Everytime YES … but for ME?! Again a HUGE THANK YOU Sandi Krakowski for bringing Dr Wood to the Anomaly Mindset Event! Thank you for introducing him to me. Thank you for being an example of a life transformed. Thank you for showing the way! Thank you for changing my life! I knew it was the BEST investment, first to get your book, then go to the Anomaly Mindset Event (from New Zealand!! On my own, NOT knowing ANYBODY!! Just saying! Like what’s your excuse…) and then to sign up for The Inspired Performance Program.”

Here’s what Bret had to say:

“I’ve never just flourished the way I’ve desired. At the end of the broadcast, something went off in me and I heard “labels and tags”. I remembered that my mom had told me many years ago that a pediatrician told her I was a loner. I’m 57. I’ve lived under that misconception all my life and knew it wasn’t true or the least it accurate. I discovered years back that I’m an ambivert – both introvert and extrovert depending on what I am doing and the need to recharge. I immediately renounced and rejected that “loner” label that I had been tagged with. The following week I traveled to a ministry event that I had a divine appointment to attend in NC. I had the best time without any hindrances! I networked like I’ve never done before! I’m making new connections without the hesitations present that were there all these many years. It was a life-changing moment for me! Thanks for ALL you do, Sandi! 🎯♥️ Much Love, Bret”

Here’s what Aaron had to say:

“For me, I had the revelation that what I thought was being financially responsible was really just fear of lack masquerading as responsibility. I would refuse to buy things (healthy foods, courses that could create breakthrough, etc) because I viewed them as too expensive. “What if I need that money later on?” Is a question I would often ask. But this last month has opened my eyes that if I’m always planning for lack and scarcity, I will always find lack and scarcity. I am creating a self fulfilling proFEARcy. This, in turn, showed me that I’m not only planning for lack, I am also reducing my OWN value. Why am I not WORTH spending the money on healthier food? Why am I not WORTH investing money into things that can better myself? I have learned that there is a difference between being money smart and fearful.” Aaron Robinson


If you struggle with any of the following- this is for you:

  • Constantly hit a wall with goals
  • Have triggers from a traumatic event
  • Your sports performance is lacking
  • You struggle with moving ahead in life
  • You can’t make any money in business no matter how much you’ve learned
  • You have horrific nightmares
  • You struggle with self-destructive behaviors



This event will be for only a few qualified individuals who want to be a part of a ground- breaking opportunity to be mentored personally by Sandi and Dr Wood. Everything is being taken care of for you, you just have to get yourself there on the virtual retreat and we’ll have it all taken care of!


Peak Performance TESTIMONIALS


Your retreat experience includes but is not limited at all to the following!

Date:  November 23, 2019 9 am – 200 pm PST, November 27, 2019  1:00-3:00 pm PST

Location: Your HOME!  (Or secluded location)

We start in our meeting room together, and we’ll begin our journey toward freedom! THIS is where the incredible process will start and end and you WILL be changed, forever.

You’ll be IMMERSED in the winning strategies that you’ve been wanting for years, and one thing is absolutely sure, you’ll learn all the secrets and missing pieces you’ve been waiting for. From productivity and money breakthroughs, to how to break free from trauma, to rebooting your mind in a group setting that is a PROVEN TECHNIQUE even Spartan Athletes use, to rewiring your mind for success, to walking into your new life, forever. This TRULY WILL BE the first day of the rest of your life!

Includes FULL RECORDING of the retreat!


Big BIG BONUS!!!! If you register for the upcoming RELEASE YOUR TRAUMA VIRTUAL RETREAT you’ll receive ABSOLUTELY FREE the entire 4 hour recording of the retreat AND you’ll get these bonus items:
  • The entire ONLINE version of the clearing sessions that Dr Wood sells for $1000- FREE!
  • The entire AUDIO system to keep you focused and clear for 28 days after the event- usually $500- FREE!
These bonus items are only available to Sandi’s clients. Please don’t miss this! We even offered a payment plan!



AND BELIEVING FOR your best life!