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Change Brain And Change Your Life ……The simplest approach to rewiring your mind so that past trauma, fears, worries, issues with money, struggles with pain and more simply disappear

What if the struggle stopped now? Would it be worth it to you to learn something new, and to take a chance on creating the possibility that you don’t have to live with an expectation of loss, struggle or fear any longer? I want to share with you how I have been able to do just that. My first hand experience with  childhood sexual abuse, a gang rape in my twenties and the end result of living in constant hyper-vigilance, self protection and fear have given me a unique advantage when it comes to teaching others how to literally rewrite their future by changing their brain. It also gave me the upper hand in taking myself off of very high doses of opiates, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories and a host of other drugs. Now I am ready to help you!

Trauma lives in our DNA, our cells, muscles and entire body….. until we remove it.
Learn how to remove trauma from your body and take back everything you’ve lost

Living through a traumatic event is not something anyone signs up for. Living with trauma for a repeated time in your life can make someone wish they were never born. But what if you are now older, the trauma was a long time ago, and there’s recurring issues in your life that are directly related to this trauma, but you never knew it. What if… your habit of disassociating, running, needing to go to bed to feel peace, addiction to food, substances or alcohol, or living with chronic pain or illness has everything to do with the trauma living in your body and not what we’ve been told all along?

You can let go of all the trauma and your body can know what it’s like to be free!

As a woman who was sexually molested at a young age for many years,  later gang raped in my twenties, and survived through multiple recurrences of physical and verbal abuse for more than half of my life, I know that pain, chronic physical debilitating pain entered my body at a young age. I honestly can’t remember when I wasn’t sick. Taking tons of antibiotics for urinary infections as a young girl to battling complete immune response shut down, referred to back then as a chronic B vitamin deficiency, living through two full blown nervous breakdowns and multiple other issues, I have learned first hand how to WALK AWAY from my trauma, and how to release it from my body.

Now….. I want to share with you, how you can do the same.

Our bodies run in a way that is semi-automatic, meaning, there are many things that happen in our brain, neuro-pathways,  muscles and more without us ever knowing it. We have been wonderfully and intelligently designed to restore, renew and grow every single day of our lives. However, when trauma enters the body and our experience becomes something we now are ‘living with’ stored in our neuropathways, we’ll experience dis-ease, anxiety, fear, worry, panic and more things that we were never created to live with on a daily basis. I personally lived in a state of hyper-vigilance for most of my life. Trauma taught me how to fear, panic, worry and stay in a heightened state of self-protection. But what I didn’t realize is, I wasn’t protecting myself at all. I was literally training my body to tear down, self-attack and destroy itself.

As I’ve walked away from pain, released trauma from my muscles, gut and brain, it’s utterly remarkable to me to see how differently I look. It was never my intention to put myself on an anti-aging age reversal program but as you can see in the photos below, that’s exactly what happened. My belief is that trauma, pain, fear, worry and the like weigh us down so much that our bodies begin to collapse. So does our skin, our hormones stop functioning, our pain receptors go into overdrive and we suffer. Many of you are suffering unimaginably!  That needs to stop NOW.


Let’s spend 5 hours together and take back your life!  If you’ve had people say to you that you should ‘be your truest self’ but that led to a lot of questions about just WHO this truest self of you actually is, we can fix that in a matter of hours.  Let’s spend 5 hours together in an intensive online webinar that you can attend from anywhere in the world, and we’ll work through the process of how to remove trauma, rebuild and rewire your brain and take the things you want, God intended for you to have and even more in life, NOW. Our schedule will be split into 2 days and then we’ll have a 2 hour open Q&A as well on a third day. To keep things strong and creating results, we’ll do this three weeks in a row in August. I promise you have NEVER attended a webinar or training like this before and that it will absolutely create results in your life, and give you tools that you’ll never let go of, by the time we’re finished.

Learning how to remove trauma from the body will change so many things. Just a few examples are:

  • Being able to do something that you’ve resisted nearly your whole life but that you secretly really want to do
  • Overcoming and learning to master chronic pain so that you don’t feel like a victim, but rather, become the owner of your body, again
  • Tools for public speaking that could launch you a new career
  • How to stop repeating the same horrific events and heartbreak in a relationship
  • Learning to find the love you want, without regret or fear
  • Keys to overcoming jealousy, insecurity and feelings of not being enough
  • Quiet your brain and all the constant chatter
  • Learn to live life courageously just as you desire
  • Become calm and focused, even in situations that previously made you freak out
  • Remove the trauma and all of it’s residue from your muscles
  • Learn how to handle horrific trauma and recognize triggers
  • Steps for making triggers your friend rather than your enemy
  • How to create amazing results at the gym or in any workouts that you’re currently doing, without feeling like you’re being punished
  • Getting the kind of body you want without ridiculous diets or living at the gym
  •  Kiss fear, worry, doubt and expectation of suffering and loss goodbye!

What is holding you back? What is it that ruins every opportunity for you?!  Let’s CALL IT OUT and go onto our best self, NOW!

This webinar will be limited in attendance, be sure to register NOW to get your seat secured!

I can’t wait to work with you and I’m praying and believing for YOUR BEST LIFE!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski