Ask Sandi This Summer Blog Posts- Your Questions About Business! Question #4


Ask Sandi This Summer Blog Posts- Your Questions About Business!  Question #4

MORE answers to your questions!! We're going through the summer… answering the business questions you have asked! Every week we'll answer 2 or 3 of YOUR questions!

You mean the world to me! If I can help you accomplish your goals, it will make me know I've done my part!

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Jen Teague "When negativity shows its ugly face, how do you re-focus & get your drive back? I'm starting a biz & I'm constantly in a battle between my visions & future vs. conformity & normality."

Great question Jen and the big key is that you used the word, "When."  
I used to believe, when I was surrounded by massive negativity on a daily basis that some people might actually have a life that was completely devoid of anything negative or troubling.  Truth is, the only time that happens is when we leave this planet. You know, when we're flatlined and the roller coaster, up and down realities of day to day existence no longer exist. * wink * 

Until then….. we're going to encounter negativity. Here are a few things you can do to help you re-focus, get back up and keep going.

#1- Be mindful of who you hang around all day long.

Remove negative Debbie & Dave Depressants from your social media profiles. Put up some boundaries and remember, we only have one life and only so much time. It's not worth hanging out with people who are toxic all day long! Choose good people to create a better life!

This book will help- Boundaries: When To Say YES, When To Say NO, To Take Control Of Your Life. 


#2- Remember that we don't have to receive or even consider some of the hurtful negative things people say and do.

We can reply, if absolutely necessary with, "I don't receive that."  In the case of abuse, we might want to say, "Listen I have too much love for myself to permit you to speak to me that way, so when you want to behave like an adult, we can continue our discussion." Cut it off. Make a decision to end the downers! YOU are worth more.

#3- Learn to FOCUS quickly on the things that are positive, worthy of praise, noteworthy and things that create gratitude.

Happiness is first and foremost a choice. With my background I had to make a choice, sometimes HOURLY, to be the kind of woman I was designed to be despite the negativity around me. There was a season when I was the only positive voice around me… and slowly but surely, I got new friends, attracted better people my way and became MORE of a happy person myself.

The more happy I GOT and the more I focused on changing me…. ha! Happiness began to surround me! Thank you GOD! 🙂

I have a feeling you're making a change in your life, Jen. Keep up the good work.  

The War Art is a book that is also life changing by Steven Pressfield. I highly recommend it! I read it at least twice per year. 


God bless you, prosper you and incredibly increase joy around and through you!

Much love,

Sandi Krakowski




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